Conklin All American
If only
f today's materials were available in the 1930s, the Conklin All American collection would have been as bright and bold as this new lapis blue, crazy yellowstone or patriotic old glory. These stunning fountain pens and ballpoints are still the same great value from the 1930s. Treat…read more
Conklin All American
Fountain Pen $95
Ballpoint $75
Conklin Duragraph
Wow, what a response!
Colorado Pen customers always amaze us. They jumped on the reintroduction of this historic Conklin Duragraph – in a major way. A very discerning bunch who know great value. So much so that we are adding a new finish, the ICE BLUE Duragraph fountain pen and twist-top ballpoint. Feel a kind of coolness in the heat of summer with new ICE BLUE…read more
Conklin Duragraph
Fountain Pen $55
Ballpoint $45

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