Delta Hippocratica

Delta Hippocratica
An honor
The new Delta Hippocratica fountain pen and ballpoint make the perfect gift for a medical professional sworn to honesty and ethics. The Delta Hippocratica ballpoint is perfect for those on the go, with quick, twist-top point deployment. While at a desk, the Delta Hippocratica fountain pen with the new Fusion nib lays down ink so smoothly that paperwork is finished before you can say "Hippocrates". In honor of this historic practioner, Hippocratica has been engraved on the central ring. The pen clip features a stunning depiction of the Rod of Asclepius, a familiar symbol from Greek mythology. The cap top has an intricate carving of the first-recognized diploma awarded by the School of Medicine in Salerno, Italy. Both Hippocratica models are crafted from solid red and pearly blue resins, colors deeply connected with this eleventh century medical institution. All trim is covered with elegant rhodium. Available separately, or in an economical gift set.


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