Faber-Castell E-Motion

Faber-Castell E-Motion
Ideas take shape
Decades ago, Faber-Castell began offering mechanical pencils in this balanced cigar shape. It became such a popular design, they extended their offering to fountain pens, rollerballs and ballpoints as well. The E-Motion Pure Black collection has every writing option so you can create your own matching set of favorite modes in serious, black anodized aluminum. The knurled barrel and smooth grip and top give each writer a balanced feel and appearance.

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Faber-Castell E-Motion 1.4mm Pencil Pure Black Item #: 48103 PBK
$125.00 more details »

Faber-Castell E-Motion Ballpoint Pure Black Item #: 38103 PBK
$125.00 more details »

Faber-Castell E-Motion Rollerball Pure Black Item #: 28103 PBK
$150.00 more details »

Faber-Castell E-Motion Fountain Pen Pure Black Item #: 18103 PBK
$175.00 more details »