Otto Hutt

Otto Hutt Design 1
The Purist
The Otto Hutt collection is brand new to the USA. Pen connoisseurs around the world have long recognized the value of these designs. Precious metals are combined with exacting workmanship in the Design 1 fountain pens, rollerballs and ballpoints. Don't miss the optional German made 18k gold fountain pen nib opportunity. Thoughts figuratively fall onto paper as this nib skims…read more
Otto Hutt Design 1
Fountain Pen $240-$590
Rollerball $220
Ballpoint $180
Otto Hutt Design 2
A life-long commitment
Return to the feel and heft of true sterling silver with the Otto Hutt Design 2 collection featuring fountain pens, rollerballs and ballpoints. Handcrafted 925 sterling silver covers the barrel and cap. The elegant pinstripe design flows from top to bottom. Fountain pens can be ordered with an optional 18k gold nib that writes like magic. The Otto Hutt logo appears on the standard platinum-plated…read more
Otto Hutt Design 2
Fountain Pen $335-$685
Rollerball $475
Ballpoint $365
Otto Hutt Design 3
"Lacquer" does not begin to describe the finish on these Otto Hutt Design 3 writing instruments. The unique metallic blue barrels are platinum-plated with several layers of transparent and polishing lacquer added to give a special depth to the surface. Havana gold barrels, too, have a core of polished brass, but are then gold plated. The same painstaking transparent and polishing lacquer …read more
Otto Hutt Design 3
Fountain Pen $350-$700
Rollerball $325
Ballpoint $260
Otto Hutt Design 5
Die Vollendung
No Otto Hutt pen offering would be complete without the Design 5 fountain pen. This ruthenium coated small fountain pen espouses all the principles of Otto Hutt and Bauhaus. Exquisitely crafted and beautifully balanced this fountain pen makes it point without all the frills. The compact Design 5 uses only ink cartridges as the grip and barrel section is short. The long cap adds a writing balance and the ultimate protection for the platinum plated stainless steel nib with a fine, medium or broad point. Select…read more
Otto Hutt Design 5
Fountain Pen $250

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