Otto Hutt Design 2

Otto Hutt Design 2
A life-long commitment
Return to the feel and heft of true sterling silver with the Otto Hutt Design 2 collection featuring fountain pens, rollerballs and ballpoints. Handcrafted 925 sterling silver covers the barrel and cap. The elegant pinstripe design flows from top to bottom. Fountain pens can be ordered with an optional 18k gold nib that writes like magic. The Otto Hutt logo appears on the standard platinum-plated stainless nib. Both options are available in fine, medium and broad points. Your personal serial number is discretely marked on a top edge and the Otto Hutt name quietly surrounds the base of the cap. A slight twist of the ballpoint cap exposes the point. Fountain pen and rollerball caps are removed with quick twist as well. Fill up fountain pens with the included converter and your bottled ink or standard international-sized cartridges. Rollerballs and ballpoints use standard refills available in a rainbow of colors. All Otto Hutt pens are accented with platinum plating for durability. These Otto Hutt Design 2 pens resonate with the basic Bauhaus principles of form follows function and long-lived, sustainable materials.

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Otto Hutt Design 2 Sterling Pinstripe Fountain Pen Item #: 17702
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Otto Hutt Design 2 Sterling Pinstripe Rollerball Item #: 27702
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Otto Hutt Design 2 Sterling Pinstripe Ballpoint Item #: 37702
$285.00 more details »