Parafernalia Neri

Parafernalia Neri
Back to basics
The minimalist design of the Parafernalia NERI ballpoint pen and pencil is appealing for so many reasons. The basic design was created by Giulio Iacchetti of Italy and is unique because of its simplistic beauty. A quick turn of the thumbscrew advances the huge 5.6mm lead or the tip of the ballpoint, putting it at the perfect writing angle for you and whatever tasks lie ahead. Technical designers recognize this locking feature from their compasses. Matte finishes look rich against this brass setscrew. No mess, no fuss, no cap to lose. Just you, your NERI and the paper.

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Parafernalia Neri Pencil Black 5.6mm Item #: 45501BLK
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Parafernalia Neri Ballpoint Black Item #: 35501
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Pencil Lead 5.6 mm 3 pack Item #: P5505
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5.6 mm Dry Highlighter Item #: P0193
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