Retro 1951 Tornado Pencils

Retro 1951 Tornado Pencils
More pencils!
Retro 1951 has added two new pencils to its popular 1.15mm lead collection. Einstein would enjoy the new Albert pencil, along with any master of mathematics that you know. A new Lincoln pencil has been added, making it a perfect companion for a rollerball and fountain pen matched set. The stainless steel, Sudoku and crossword pencils also make excellent personalized gifts. Once again, endless options from our friends at Retro 1951.

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Retro 1951 Tornado Pencil Stainless Steel  1.15mm Item #: 43213 STL
$40.00 more details »

Retro 1951 Tornado Puzzle Pencil Crossword 1.15mm Item #: 43215 CRS
$42.00 more details »

Retro 1951 Tornado Pencil Albert 1.15mm Item #: 43213 ALB
$42.00 more details »

Retro 1951 Tornado Pencil Lincoln  1.15mm Item #: 43213 LIN
$42.00 more details »


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