Schmidt Intrinsic
No more excuses
If you have always wanted to try writing with a fountain pen, here is the perfect opportunity. Schmidt Technology has a worldwide reputation for the smoothest stainless steel nibs in the industry. They have attached this fine or medium nib to a basic pen body that comes in all these unique and beautiful colors. Inspire someone else…read more
Schmidt Intrinsic
Fountain Pen $45
Schmidt Capless Rollerball
Schmidt's 'house demo'
Schmidt produces these delightful click-top one piece rollerballs to inexpensively introduce consumers to their capless ink technology. We've added these pens in five colors simply because they are a screaming deal. The sturdy pocket clip contains a retracting mechanism to assure you don't 'pocket' the pen with the tip…read more
Schmidt Capless
Rollerball $40


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