Sherpa Ballpoint Cover
Cover your basics
Does your workplace only spring for generic ballpoint pens, available in bulk? You are okay with the way they write, but would like to step-up appearances. These new Sherpa™ ballpoint pen 'covers' will do the trick. Black and chrome models even feature a stylus on top. Or you can opt for black, chrome, red or blue without the…read more
Sherpa Ballpoint Cover
Ballpoint $20
Ballpoint w/ Stylus $25
Sherpa Sharpie
Personalized protection
Your daily workhorse, your Sharpie®, deserves the personalized protection of a Sherpa™. While this Sherpa may seem more urbane than Himalayan origins, it provides the same security as a summit guide. Your Sherpa cover arrives with a black Sharpie. After that…read more
Sherpa Pen Cover
Cover $35

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