Sherpa Fountain Pen
Amuse yourself
Customers like choices and the Sherpa™ certainly supplies them. Begin with a classic or crazy selection from eight different Sherpa™ shells. Then, take a close look at the long list of standard international ink cartridges we offer. Add a converter and some new bottled ink. Order plenty and consider throwing in a Sharpie® or uni-ball®…read more
Sherpa Fine Writing
Fountain Pen $42
Sherpa Sharpie
Personalized protection
Your daily workhorse, your Sharpie®, deserves the personalized protection of a Sherpa™. While this Sherpa™ may see more urban than Himalayan surroundings, it provides the same security. Select your favorite Sherpa™ pen shell, then choose from fifteen different Sharpie® fine point refill options in standard, rainbow and metallic colors. Don't forget to check out the other refilling …read more
Sherpa Fun
Fiber Point $35
Sherpa Uni-ball
Boardroom or back nine
The Sherpa™ pen is a unique shell that comes in eight different designs and will hold an all-time favorite refill, the uni-ball® pen. Whether jotting rapid-fire notes in the margins of corporate reports or keeping score on the greens, the combination of uni-ball® pen and Sherpa™ works. Select from blue or black ink with a .5mm or .7mm point. Sherpa™, the ultimate pen to optionalize, with Sharpie®…read more
Sherpa Work
Rollerball $35

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