Aurora Pens

Aurora Limited Edition Sigaro 88
Just missing the aroma
The new Limited Edition Aurora Sigaro 88 fountain pen will pique the senses, except for one. There is no smell with this Sigaro. Covered in a unique brown lacquer design and fitted with a precious 18k solid gold nib, this 88 even has the shape and balance of a favorite stogie. But once you put point to paper, all that is forgotten. The pleasure of writing exceeds even the joy of holding this…read more
Aurora Limited Edition Sigaro 88
Fountain Pen $895 Best Price $716
Aurora Ipsilon Satin
A Satin doll
The Ipsilon Satin collection has been so popular, that Aurora has added a new Satin black resin fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint, all trimmed with rose gold. A stunning combination for this value-oriented pen. This new Ipsilon Satin, joins the popular orange, blue or black…read more
Aurora Ipsilon Satin
Fount. Pen $125-$140 Best Price $99-$112
Rollerball $110-$125  Best Price $89-$99
Ballpoint $99-$110  Best Price $79-$88
Aurora Optima
Hall of fame star
ased upon a 1930s design, the Aurora Optima has always struck our fancy. But the new finishes are amazing. Neroperla is the rookie entrant into this hall of fame. Transparent and iridescent colors of marbled Auroloid combine with silver colored trim to make it the true pearl of the line. Lovely red and blue models are…read more
Aurora Optima
Fount. Pen $495 Best Price $445
Rollerball $395  Best Price $355
Ballpoint $295  Best Price $265
Aurora Ipsilon
A sleek Italian favorite
The sleek Aurora Ipsilon has been with Colorado Pen since our beginning. There is a good reason – it is a consistent best seller, year after year. Since 1930, Aurora has made subtle changes to the Ipsilon, offering new finishes and trim packages. But the basic design has remained the same. Recently, Aurora added a forest green model to complement the red, yellow and black and chrome fountain pens, rollerballs and ballpoints. The ballpoint …read more
Aurora Ipsilon
Fount. Pen $125 Best Price $99-$120
Rollerball $110  Best Price $89-$108
Ballpoint $99  Best Price $79-$100

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