Refills for Cartier

Refills for Cartier Colorado Pen has always strived to provide refills for the pens we sell. Even brands that we no longer carry. Unfortunately, Cartier has decided no pens - no refills. While we are unable to carry the Cartier brand of refill any longer, we do offer some other manufacturer's options for some of their rollerball and ballpoint pens. Cartier fountain pens fit any brand of standard international-sized ink cartridges.  

  If your Cartier pen twists or clicks at the top to deploy the point, it's a ballpoint. Check out the Ballpoint Refills for Cartier window below. These refills will fit some Cartier ballpoints. Carefully compare your old refill to these options.  

  If your pen has a removable cap and isn't a fountain pen, then you see if we have an option that matches your old refill by clicking on the Rollerball Refills for Cartier window below.    

If you don't see a match, please feel free to call us at 800.766.7367 and we will try and help identify your refill and resolve your dilemma. 

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