Rollerball Refills for Delta

Delta Pen Refills
Delta's only true rollerball pen the Dolce Vita, will accept only the Delta rollerball. Other 'rollerball' pens from Delta actually take a traditional ballpoint refill. The good news is that you can choose between standard (wax based) ink, a Liquid ink (the ink usually found in a rollerball refill) or even GEL ink.

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Schmidt Capless Rollerball Refill P8126 Fine Point Item #: R4612
$5.00 more details »

Schmidt Mini Rollerball Refill Item #: R4613
$11.00 more details »

Schmidt Rollerball Refill 5888 Item #: R4606
$5.00 more details »

Visconti Rollerball Refill Item #: R4203
$6.00 more details »