Fisher Pens

Fisher AG-7-40 40th Anniversary Space Pen
Defines the meaning of special
The Fisher AG-7 40th Anniversary Space Pen is specially engraved with memories of the first moon landing. Now you can own this replica of the AG-7 Space Pen carried on the Apollo 11 mission and every manned space flight since that historic event. This limited edition Space Pen is finished in original chrome with engravings that depict the important images and facts… read more
Fisher AG-7-40
40th Anniversary Space Pen
Special Edition Ballpoint $65
Fisher Bullet Pen
A man, a pen, a mission
There are numerous astronauts who have used the Fisher Bullet Space Pen in the great unknown. The Fisher Bullet has been on every American and Russian space mission since the mid-sixties. With its pressurized ink cartridge, the Space Pen writes upside down, under water, through grease and in the zero-gravity vacuum of outer space. Choose your Bullet Space Pen from a wide variety of colors which all engrave beautifully. Order extra pressurized refills, also available in a wide range of colors and point sizes. A pocket clip may be purchased separately.

Fisher Bullet Space Pen
Ballpoint $25-$50
Fisher Telescoping Pen
Telescoping bullet
Just let us know your writing trajectory. We'll launch a Fisher Space Pen that can write at the outer limits, even under water and upside down. Choose the ultra-tech Telescoping Pen that extends to a full length. It can handle even greater extremes. Every Fisher pen is guaranteed on earth or in outer space. Wherever your destination may be.
Fisher Telescoping Space Pen
Ballpoint $42