Harley-Davidson Pens

Harley-Davidson Blackline
Are you serious?
A serious capped, rollerball writer for Harley-Davidson enthusiasts. The BlackLine features matte black lacquer with orange pin stripping. A sculpted, antique metal ring displays the famous skull design. This Harley arrives in a black canvas pouch that snaps shut… read more
Harley-Davidson Blackline
Rollerball $62
Harley Davidson Full Throttle
Twist the throttle

Precise graphics and shimmering finishes put you in the Harley frame of mind with the Full Throttle ballpoints from Retro 1951. The Golden Eagle model flashes a range of background colors when moved; the Midnight Light glows in the dark with furious flames. Capless, twist top point; the black leather… read more
Harley-Davidson Full Throttle
Ballpoint $47
Harley-Davidson Stroker
Three new Strokers
The Harley-Davidson Stroker collection is long lived because of its distinctive design and appealing finishes. The legend continues with three new finishes for this piston-topped ballpoint. The Stroker Pinstripe Eagle features rich, red lacquer underneath an intriguing eagle logo. Intricate gold and black pinstripes bring it all together. The new Stroker pink flame really glows in the dark. Extra shimmer is added…read more
Harley-Davidson Stroker
Ballpoint $32
Harley-Davidson Vintage Rider
Better than a ride in the Black Hills
Broadcast your passion for Harley-Davidson with these Vintage Riders from Retro 1951. The new Stealth Vintage Rider has clean lines and takes a "let's get on the road" approach. Riders may opt for the traditional Harley orange and black model or the popular diamond-cut chrome and black. Bold colors and traditional markings make these twist-top ballpoints better than a ride in the Black Hills. Choose from… read more
Harley-Davidson Vintage Rider
Ballpoint $34