Ink Bottles

If your fountain pen is piston fill or has an ink converter, you are at the right place for your bottled ink needs.  

  Colorado Pen carries premium Edelstein ink from Pelikan. Edelstein ink has vivid colors and arrives in a beautiful bottle you'll proudly display on your desk.  

  Colorado Pen features exceptionally large bottles of a special ink formula that helps keep your fountain pen flowing correctly. Choose from ten different colors in these huge 90ml bottles.    

Waterman bottled ink comes in a special glass bottle that sits at an angle so you get a full fill each and every time. 

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Colorado Pen Advanced Formula Ink Bottle 90ml Big! Item #: F0602
$12.50 more details »

Waterman Ink Bottle 50ml Item #: F3114
$11.50 more details »

Pelikan Ink Bottle 62.5ml Item #: F5402
$14.00 more details »

Pelikan Edelstein Ink Bottle 50ml Item #: F5406
$32.00 more details »