Refills for Lamy

Lamy Pen Refills Lamy pens, all of them - fountain pen, rollerball or ballpoint, need Lamy refills.

The only exceptions are Lamy multi-pens like the Accent or 2000 which fit the Monteverde or Fisher mini-ballpoint refill or a piston-fill fountain pen like the 2000. Your Lamy 2000 mechanical pencil uses .5mm lead of any brand or hardness.

Customers love the way their Lamy writes. Their pens are one of the best values in the market. But you do have to purchase Lamy ink cartridges for your fountain pen, Lamy rollerball refills for your rollerball, and Lamy ballpoint refills for your ballpoint.

Fountain pen cartridges are offered in seven colors. If you don't have an ink converter to use bottled ink, those are available as well. A few Lamy fountain pens are piston-fill only, necessitating the use of bottled ink. Select from the Colorado Pen, Pelikan standard or premium Edelstein ink or Waterman bottles.

Rollerball refills, both M63 and M66, are offered in a fine point. The most popular M16 ballpoint is offered in a fine, medium or broad point. We also offer the M22 ballpoint refill which fits the short Lamy.

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