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Lamy 2000
Give the gift you'd love to get
We're offering the Lamy Safari and Al-Star fountain pens in limited edition Gift Sets. Share your love for fountain pen writing with an admiring friend and get a great deal in the process. Both of these sets represent a very nice savings. Each set contains all your recipient needs to start fountain pen writing on their own. Start by selecting their favorite color for the medium nib pen. Each kit…read more
Lamy Fountain Pen Gift Set
$60 - $70  $49.99 - $59.99

Lamy Safari Al-Star
A lightweight for heavy tasks
A Lamy Safari Al-Star will quickly become essential when tackling tough tasks. A durable and lightweight exterior houses a reliable ink delivery system. Fountain pens are equipped with a long-lasting steel nib available in four point sizes. View ink levels through a convenient window. Lamy ink cartridges are available in seven… read more
Lamy Safari Al-Star
Fountain Pen $47
Rollerball $42
Ballpoint $37
Pencil $37
Lamy Safari
Did you pack the Lamy Safari?
While laying in provisions for our expedition, we happened upon the most splendid writing instruments from Lamy; the Safari. They are to writing what khaki is to apparel–all rugged purpose, but with a certain panache. A must for any journey. Fountain pens are offered in extra fine, fine, medium and broad point and refill with Lamy cartridges. Purchase a separate converter for… read more
Lamy Safari
Fountain Pen $37
Rollerball $32
Ballpoint $27
Pencil $27
Lamy 2000
Lamy recommends more fiber
The 2000 is molded of a high-tech reinforced fiber that's extremely lightweight. And its retro profile is balanced by brushed stainless steel trim. Choose a fountain pen with platinum-coated, 14kt gold nib and visible ink window, the ballpoint, a pencil, or…read more
Lamy 2000
Fountain Pen $199  Best Price $174
Ballpoint $78  Best Price $73
Pencil $78  Best Price $73
Multi-Pen $97  Best Price $83
Lamy Dialog2
The future is in your hands
The Lamy Dialog2 roller ball is the result of a collaboration between Lamy and Knud Holscher, the renowned Danish architect and designer. Made of rhodinized stainless steel. Featuring a patented retractable clip which at the same time extends the writing tip in one fluid motion. Included is an impressive beech wood case.
Lamy Dialog2
Rollerball $155
Lamy Dialog3
Franco Clivio
The Lamy Dialog3 was designed by Clivio who learned his craft at the legendary School of Design in Ulm, Germany. The Dialog3 embraces their well-known philosophy: there's not an action is wasted nor an adornment to confound. A completely retractable 14k gold nib is protected by a hidden precision ball valve. The clip retracts when the nib is deployed,…read more
Lamy Dialog3
Fountain Pen $385  Best Price $327

Lamy Pico
Pocket perfect
Lamy has introduced this innovative pocket ballpoint to address the growing mini-pen market. With a single click, the Lamy Pico extends its point for writing. A second click and it's ready for the pocket or purse. Select from black, red, chrome or new blue colors and add lots of reliable Lamy ballpoint refills. A perfect Pico!
Lamy Pico
Ballpoint $45
Lamy Studio
Timeless design
Who else but Lamy could produce a clip full of functionality, yet reminiscent of modern sculpture? While the clip is indeed special, the innovative styling does not end there. You'll find that the Lamy Studio is as smooth in the hand as it is on the eyes. Fountain pen lovers now have two choices: the newly released, limited edition, 14k gold nib in a red or grey exterior finish; or the standard…read more
Lamy Studio
Fountain Pen $99
Rollerball $79
Ballpoint $68
Lamy Swift
Speed your order
From the land of no speed limits comes this retractable rollerball. Its barrel is a cylindrical fuselage, with perforated grips to help you hold on tight. When the point is extended, the entire clip retracts flush with the pen's barrel, preventing you from inserting it into your pocket in its open position. Click on the button and the point draws up…read more
Lamy Swift
Rollerball $60
Lamy Dialog3
Multifunction has it all
The Multifunction takes any worries away regarding which color refill you'll need to carry. You've got them all! One click and you can choose a ballpoint in black, blue, red or a .7mm pencil. Or, choose from any of our Monteverde…read more
Lamy Accent Multi-Pen
Fountain Pen $90  Best Price $76

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