Montegrappa Pens

Montegrappa Limited Edition Ducale Grande
Solid gold
The Ducale brand appeared for the first time in the 1930s and drew inspiration from the famous Doge's Palace, one of the iconic symbols of the city of Venice. The current Ducale Grande arrives in an oversize fountain pen in formal Black resin. It ships with an oversized solid gold… read more
Montegrappa Limited Edition Ducale Grande
Fountain Pen $695
Montegrappa Fortuna Skull
Various meanings to various people
Is it menacing? Is it celebrated? Is it a universal warning sign? Used as a symbol of death in one society and a celebration of life in another. The skull possesses instant familiarity from Harley-Davidson riders to Pittsburg baseball fans. Montegrappa has brought this symbol to fine-writing with the new limited edition Fortuna Skull collection. The balanced Fortuna shape and weight… read more
Montegrappa Fortuna Skull
Fountain Pen $450
Rollerball $395
Ballpoint $350
Montegrappa Fortuna Caduceus
An honor
The new Fortuna Caduceus Collection makes the perfect gift for a medical professional sworn to honesty and ethics. The Fortuna Caduceus ballpoint is perfect for those on the go, with quick, twist-top point deployment. While at a desk, the Fortuna Caduceus fountain pen or rollerball lays down ink smoothly and reliably. The trim is… read more
Montegrappa Fortuna Caduceus
Fountain Pen $325
Rollerball $295
Ballpoint $250
Montegrappa Copper Mule
Only your very best friends
They will spring to mind immediately when you look at the Montegrappa Copper Mule collection. A once in a lifetime opportunity to show your very best friends how much they mean to you. This special edition was lightheartedly created by Montegrappa in all copper: the Mule mu… read more
Montegrappa Copper Mule
Fountain Pen $375
Rollerball $325
Ballpoint $295
Montegrappa Fortuna
Stylish new finish
The Goddess of Fortune, Fortuna, now has a new, stylish look. Blue resin is trimmed in rose gold, a distinctive, yet refined combination. Fortuna was revered because ancient Romans who lacked virtue were believed to bring ill-fortune both on themselves and Rome. Establish your fortunes with a fountain pen, rollerball, or twist-top ballpoint… read more
Montegrappa Fortuna
Fountain Pen $275 - $290
Rollerball $235
Ballpoint $190
Invito a Rigoletto
Invito a Rigoletto
Take a few moments and watch Montegrappa's video introducing a limited edition. Beware, it may cause you to hum constantly for the rest of your day. It may cause a smile to cross your face and those of family, friends and co-workers as you coax them to view along with you; again.

Welcome to the world of Rigoletto as… read more
Invito a Rigoletto
Fountain Pen $3995 - $32850
Rollerball $3495 - $27500
Montegrappa Parola
Parola means Word
Montegrappa pays homage to the importance of the 'word' with the new Parola series of fountain pens, rollerballs, ballpoints and mechanical pencils. Words are to communication what air is to life, a core element. Parola celebrates… read more
Montegrappa Parola
Fountain Pen $225
Rollerball $185
Ballpoint $150
Pencil $150

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