Montegrappa Pens

Montegrappa Miya
A trendsetter
Few can combine popular elements of writing into amazing works of art. Montegrappa has done it again with the new Miya Carbon collection. Fountain pens, rollerballs and twist-top ballpoints feature carbon fibre barrels with caps and end pieces in bright celluloid. Choose yellow or orange. All this comes together in… read more
Montegrappa Miya
Fountain Pen $1950
Rollerball $1400
Ballpoint $995
Invito a Rigoletto
Invito a Rigoletto
Take a few moments and watch Montegrappa's video introducing a limited edition. Beware, it may cause you to hum constantly for the rest of your day. It may cause a smile to cross your face and those of family, friends and co-workers as you coax them to view along with you; again.

Welcome to the world of Rigoletto as… read more
Invito a Rigoletto
Fountain Pen $3995 - $32850
Rollerball $3495 - $27500
Montegrappa Fortuna
Virtue has its rewards
Ancient Romans believed chance events were closely tied to strength of character. Public officials who lacked virtue were believed to bring ill-fortune both on themselves and Rome. To honor Fortuna, the Goddess of… read more
Montegrappa Fortuna
Fountain Pen $275
Rollerball $235
Ballpoint $190
Pencil $190
Montegrappa Parola
Parola means Word
Montegrappa pays homage to the importance of the 'word' with the new Parola series of fountain pens, rollerballs, ballpoints and mechanical pencils. Words are to communication what air is to life, a core element. Parola celebrates… read more
Montegrappa Parola
Fountain Pen $225
Rollerball $185
Ballpoint $150
Pencil $150
Montegrappa Nero Uno Linea
Classic redesigned
Nero Uno combines the Montegrappa character of one century of highly-skilled craftsmanship with the soul of Italy. Montegrappa's traditional octagonal shape evolves into… read more
Montgrappa Nero Uno and Linea
Fountain Pen $475-$650
Rollerball $325-$475  
Ballpoint $295-$435
Watch $1100-$1500
Cufflinks $175-$235
Montegrappa Ducale
NEW Ducale collection
Your emotions will run wild at first touch. With the new Montegrappa Ducale collection you will recognize the feel of a finely crafted writing instrument between your fingers. Any of these fountain pens, rollerballs or ballpoints will respond to a delicate touch, yet hold up to daily-use. Pearly Emperador Brown striated resin or all black resin models are trimmed in rose gold-plating.… read more
Montegrappa Ducale
Fountain Pen $350
Rollerball $335
Ballpoint $295

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