Namiki Custom 823

Namiki Custom 823
Serious writers take note
The Custom 823 has one unique feature and several very rare attributes. 'Clear' fountain pens are referred to as 'demonstrators' as they provide an easy to understand internal visual of exactly how your fountain pen works its magic. The barrel is always transparent showing the quantity and flow of your ink.

The Custom 823 however is rare in that it is a plunger-vacuum fill system. To fill you simply unscrew the black top and pull the plunger towards you and then back down (which is counterintuitive) which creates a vacuum inside the chamber and draws a huge 2.2 milliliters into the pen's chamber. This is as much ink as any fountain pen holds. Further, you can lock the ink supply simply by keeping the returned plunger tight. To write you need to twist the end about 2mm to open the ink flow. The gold nib is the renowned hand ground Pilot 14k in medium or fine.

The clear resin has the amber tint as shown here. The Custom 823 ships with a bottle of blue ink. The attributes are gold-plated. This is a very limited production writing instrument. We are offering the lowest price found to encourage our fine writing customers to act quickly before supplies are exhausted.

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