Parker Pens

Parker Duofold Prestige
"…what I have needed all my life."
Back in the early 20th Century, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote that about his Parker Duofold. The details on these new Parker Duofold Prestige fountain pens, rollerballs and ballpoints would have astonished even Sherlock Holmes. Parker has taken its Roaring Twenties pen design and given it today's most popular finishes. The new Duofold Prestige Chevron is steel-based and comes is black with Ruthenium trim or blue with gold trim. The Duofold…read more
Parker Duofold Prestige
Fountain Pen $970-$1000  Best Price $776-$800
Rollerball $775-$800  Best Price $620-$640
Ballpoint $630-$650  Best Price $504-$520
Parker Sonnet Premium
"It's the thought that counts."
Parker has always found this to be "A sentiment as true in making pens as giving them." These two new offerings in the Parker Sonnet Premium collection are no exception. Fountain pens have 17 different pieces, assembled and a checked by hand. The rollerballs and ballpoints have equal attention to detail. Select from the popular Brown Rubber Sonnet Prestige or the Sterling Silver and…read more
Parker Sonnet Premium
Fountain Pen $300  Best Price $240
Rollerball $240  Best Price $192
Ballpoint $195  Best Price $156
Parker Jotter Premium
"Stamp out Jotter snitching!"
This was apparently quite pervasive in 1966, as Parker advertised how to cure a Jotter Snitcher. Their remedy still works today – get plenty of these beautiful new Jotter Premium click-top ballpoints so you always have one at hand. Aluminum barrels have replaced plastic, some are patterned and some are plain. These new earthy colors make these Jotter Premiums another…read more
Parker Jotter Premium
Ballpoint $25
Parker Duofold
New "vintage" Duofolds
Because Parker got it right the first time, they have resurrected three historic finishes from the original 1920s Parker Duofold collection. The Big Red comes back in a lighter, more orange tone; the Lapis Lazuli is a rich blue first launched in 1927…read more
Parker Duofold
Fountain Pen $499  Best Price $424
Rollerball $368  Best Price $313
Ballpoint $305  Best Price $259
Parker Urban
"You'll gasp"
That was Parker's original slogan for the Vacumatic, introduced in 1933. It still applies. The unique shape of the Urban has now been covered in two new radiant finishes: champagne or amethyst. Engraved with the original Vacumatic pattern on sandblasted aluminum these Parker Urbans will take your breath away. The gold models sport light gold trim and the purple models have chrome. Grid-engraved black and white Urban lacquer…read more
Parker Urban
Fountain Pen $83  Best Price $69
Rollerball $63  Best Price $54
Ballpoint $50  Best Price $243
5th Generation$105  Best Price $89
Parker IM
New patterns for IM
The original Parker Vacumatic was introduced in 1933 and was the first pen to bear the iconic Parker arrow clip. It also featured a dramatic series of horizontal stripes in the finish. Parker pays tribute to this hallmark design with two new finishes on its popular IM series of fountain pens, rollerballs and ballpoints. The pink and slate finishes are engraved with the striped Vacumatic design…read more
Parker IM
Fountain Pen $67  Best Price $59
Rollerball $652  Best Price $45
Ballpoint $41  Best Price $39
5th Generation$84  Best Price $65
Parker 5th Generation IM
Brandish technology at its best
Parker now offers its revolutionary 5th Generation writing mode in this down-to-business collection, the Parker IM. Load this innovative refill into a chrome or gunmetal IM and settle in for some serious writing. The chiseled patterns provide a pleasing tactile sensation as well as a cutting-edge image. The matte chrome grip insures a firm grasp of the pen and of all matters…read more
Parker 5th Generation IM $84  Best Price $65
Parker 5th Generation Sonnet
Part of my life
The popular Parker 5th Generation writing technology comes to this warm, feminine Sonnet collection. The trendy Sonnet rose gold model is dressed in a satin rose gold body with matte chrome trim. The fashionable Sonnet metal and pearl boasts a rose gold center ring to set off the pearl lacquer barrel and facetted metal cap. The understated Sonnet pearl is white all over, with rose gold accents. Most importantly, all these popular designs hold the most innovative technology in writing – the Parker 5th. My phone, my bag…read more
Parker 5th Generation Sonnet $220  Best Price $187
Parker 5th Generation Urban
Unique shape holds your 5th
The graceful contours of the Parker Urban captivate your eyes and relax your hand. Now the inside holds something special too, a revolutionary Parker 5th Generation refill. The Urban 5th is available in either black or white lacquer and trimmed in lustrous chrome. Enjoy a Parker 5th, the flexible writing experience from a hard-wearing tip that gives a…read more
Parker 5th Generation Urban $105  Best Price $89
Parker Ingenuity Large Classic
A cornucopia of 5th Generation choices
The Parker Ingenuity Collection is revolutionary for so many reasons. Most importantly, your new Ingenuity is the only pen that houses Parker 5th Generation ink technology. Parker is so sure you are going to be captivated by this new writing mode that lots of new, daring finishes are offered right beside classic favorites in both the large and the slim Ingenuity sizes. Immerse yourself into world of the Parker 5th Generation.
Parker Ingenuity Large Classic
Just enjoy
Layer upon layer of rich, black lacquer houses Parker 5th ink technology. Trimmed with light gold or shining chrome, this classic, large Parker Ingenuity means you are ready to confidently turn writing into a new experience. Order an ample supply of the revolutionary Parker 5th refills in black or blue ink with a fine or medium point. A polished, stainless steel hood covers this amazing ink delivery system. The gold and black lacquer option features light-gold…read more
Parker Ingenuity Large Classic $179  Best Price $152
Parker Ingenuity Large Daring
Fashion forward?
Perhaps a daring mix of metal and black or brown texturized, soft-touch "rubber" that perfectly complements a new watch? No? Maybe sleek all-chrome is the right speed? Or the shocking red rubber and gold? Or a more subdued all black soft-touch with understated woven etching. So gentle to the touch, but so durable and handsome. All these new, audacious finishes are trimmed in shiny chrome and gold and utilize ground-breaking Parker 5th ink technology. A shining stainless…read more
Parker Ingenuity Large Daring $210  Best Price $179
Parker Ingenuity Slim Classic
Immerse yourself
It's easy with a classic Parker Ingenuity in the delicate, smaller size. Accessorize the deep, black layers of lacquer with light gold or shining chrome. Either choice will perfectly accent this precious jewel. A classic pen that accommodates Parker 5th refills, the latest big innovation in writing technology. A refill that provides a sophisticated, flexible writing experience but is simple to replace. Choose black or blue ink with a fine or medium point. The stainless steel hood is polished to gleaming…read more
Parker Ingenuity Slim Classic $179  Best Price $152
Parker Ingenuity Slim Classic
Part of my life
My phone, my bag … and my Parker. All useful items that are highly visible parts of your personal fashion statement. Update your Parker with a slim Ingenuity in one of these new feminine finishes. Texturized, soft-touch black or brown "rubber" lacquer covering the body and cap or luminous pearl white lacquer. All are perfectly accented with pink gold plating or chrome trim. Or dive into the chic pink gold plating that covers a chiseled cap and barrel. This pink gold Ingenuity is accented with shining chrome. Each slim Parker that…read more
Parker Ingenuity Slim Daring $210  Best Price $179
Parker Sonnet
New Sonnets
Rose gold colors are so popular Parker has added three new Sonnets with this warm finish. The Sonnet rose gold model is dressed in a satin rose gold body with gleaming chrome trim. The Sonnet metal and pearl boasts a rose gold center ring to set off the pearl lacquer barrel and facetted metal cap. The Sonnet pearl is pearly white all over, with rose gold accents. All…read more
Parker Sonnet
Fountain Pen $268  Best Price $228
Rollerball $147  Best Price $125
Ballpoint $131  Best Price $111
Parker Sonnet Cisele
The true meaning of Cisele
"Cisele" is French for chisel. The Parker Sonnet Sterling Silver Cisele puts the meaning of this word into your hands. A sterling silver material is finely chiseled with the crosshatch pattern that receives an equally fine touch of black lacquer in the grooves. Gold-plated trim completes the design. Fountain pens boast an 18k gold nib…read more
Parker Sonnet Cisele
Fountain Pen $394  Best Price $335
Rollerball $279  Best Price $237
Ballpoint $237  Best Price $201
Parker Sonnet Lacquer
Love Sonnet
Create your own poetry with a Sonnet from Parker. Multiple layers of rich red or black lacquer are accented with 23k gold plated trim. Feelings will flow from the heart and the gold plated steel nib in a fine or medium point. Refill your Sonnet fountain pen with Parker ink cartridges or the included converter and your favorite bottled ink. The capped Sonnet rollerball lays down…read more
Parker Sonnet Lacquer
Fountain Pen $147  Best Price $125
Rollerball $106  Best Price $99
Ballpoint $95  Best Price $81

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