Pelikan Pens

Pelikan Cartridge Pen
Don't say we didn't warn you
Please, we beg you, act immediately and order your new Pelikan P200 Classic cartridge-fill fountain pen. It's simple. Select either gold or silver application for the trim, and an extra-fine, fine, medium or broad nib. Then stock up on ink cartridges. Again -- just fair warning -- do it now, as this rare fountain pen will be difficult to keep in stock. The iconic Pelikan nib plated in 24k gold or highly polished stainless is mated with a cartridge fill system. Don't let this rare Pelikan fly away.
Pelikan Cartridge Pen
Fountain Pen $165  Best Price $132
Edelstein Ink Bottles
Think ink. Think luxury. Edelstein ink.
Pelikan introduces the Edelstein Ink Collection. Think gemstone say EY-dell-shtine and prepare for the smoothest most trouble free writing ever. You owe it to yourself to give this ink a try. Formulated with special… read more
Edelstein Bottled Ink
Choose from Ruby, Mandarin, Aventurin Green, Jade, Topaz, Sapphire, Tanzanite or Onyx
50ml Bottle $30

High aspirations meet reality
Pelikan pushes further into the cartridge frontier. Many have admired Pelikan pens for years but would be put off because virtually all Pelikans use bottled ink only. In recent years, Pelikan has begun to address the… read more
Pelikan Ductus
Fountain Pen $635  Best Price $508
Rollerball $455 Best Price $364
Ballpoint $440 Best Price $352
Pencil $440 Best Price $352
Pelikan Pen Cases
European craftmanship
Hand selected skins are crafted into these soft yet durable pen holders. A natural complement to any quality writing instrument. A flap and loop closure safely secure your pens.

Pelikan Pen Cases
1-Pen $60
2-Pen $65
Pelikan Pura
Pure design begets Pura
Possibly the most exciting Pelikan in recent years? For the devoted Pelikan fan there haven't been too many choices for an everyday casual instrument. Take a look at the new Pura. Crafted in polished aluminum and resin, this well-balanced instrument… read more
Pelikan Pura
Fountain Pen $140  Best Price $112
Rollerball $130  Best Price $104
Ballpoint $130  Best Price $104
Pencil $115  Best Price $92
Pelikan Souveran
Pelikan Souveran series
Pelikan is resurgent in red! Now the Souveran series offers three colors and five distinct sizes to fit your hand and your style. Choose from the jumbo 1000, the oversized 600, the standard 400 or… read more
Pelikan Souveran 400, 600, 1000
Fountain Pen $470-$975  Best Price $376-$7480
Rollerball $330-$395  Best Price $264-$316
Ballpoint $215-$285  Best Price $172-$228
Pencil $225-$285  Best Price $180-$228
Pelikan Sovereign 405
Hi ho silver!
Our most popular Pelikan series, Souveran, is now available in traditional blue and in all black, both with silver appointments! The two series are differentiated by size. The diminutive 405 Series is smaller than a normal sized pen and the… read more
Pelikan Sovereign 405
Fountain Pen $465  Best Best Price $372
Rollerball $315  Best Price $252
Ballpoint $220  Best Price $176
Pelikan Tradition 200
Don't let this Pelikan fly away
You've sighted a rare Pelikan! The 200 seres features a stainless steel-plated nib and piston-filling mechanism. It's housed in green, blue marble or all black resin with gold-plated trim.
Pelikan Tradition 200
Fountain Pen $180  Best Price $144
Rollerball $175  Best Price $140
Ballpoint $150  Best Price $120
Pencil $150  Best Price $120