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Pilot Metallic Vanishing Point
Pilot has added five new metallic finishes for the Vanishing Point fountain pen. There is little need to discuss all the attributes of the Vanishing Point. They have been heralded since its introduction in 1963. Now you can select from bright metallic finishes in blue, green, red, orange and purple. All are trimmed in matte black… read more
Pilot Vanishing Point Metallic
Fount.Pen $185  Best Price $139
Pilot Raden Vanishing Point
A sparkle in your pen
The much beloved Pilot Vanishing Point fountain pen is now available in this shimmering raden finish. The barrel is decorated using the traditional Japanese raden technique of combining hundreds of tiny multi-colored abalone shell fragments, then finished with 10 layers of hand-applied lacquer. The rhodium appointments nicely set off this distinctive finish. Of course, the unique… read more
Pilot Raden Vanishing Point
Fount.Pen $380  Best Price $299
Pilot Vanishing Pointt
Create your own magic
Customize a Pilot Vanishing Point fountain pen for yourself or someone you know extremely well. This retractable nib fountain pen is rich in both history and performance. A durable metal body, attractive appointments and its unique vanishing nib. First select from four finishes for the barrel. Then select a color for the body. Then a trim color. And finally, and most importantly, select a size for the 18k gold nib. Rhodium and black trimmed models usually utilize white gold nibs, gold trimmed… read more
Pilot Vanishing Point
Fount.Pen $185  Best Price $148
Namiki Custom 823
Serious writers take note
One year after its introduction in the home Japanese market, the Pilot Custom 823 has finally been approved for export! The Custom 823 has one unique feature and several very rare attributes. 'Clear' fountain pens are referred to as 'demonstrators' as they provide an easy to understand internal… read more
Namiki Custom 823
Fountain Pen $360  Best Price $289
Pilot / Namiki Falcon
Soar to new heights
Sleek in its unique style, this jet black lacquer fountain pen is a remarkable feat of engineering and elegance. The Falcon's most extraordinary feature is its hooded flexible nib. Designed by the Namiki engineers who collaborated with Japan's most respected pen dealers to achieve a nib they eventually endorsed for its demonstrable flexibility. They went so far in order to distinguish this nib design that it is referred to as a 'soft fine' medium or… read more
Namiki Falcon
Fountain Pen $190
Pilot Varsity
Disposable but indispensable
The Pilot Varsity is the world's most affordable fountain pen. Give fountain pen writing a try and don't worry about messy refills as there aren't any! Our customers just love the color choices. Choose more than one and take advantage of the quantity discounts for one, three, five… read more
Pilot Varsity Fountain Pen
Mix and match any of the seven colors.
One for $4.25
Three for $12
Five for $18
Seven for $23
Box of 12 $35

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