Porsche Design

Porsche Design Mikado
What do you get when you put 17 finely polished, flexible stainless steel rods around a twisting deployment mechanism? Only Porsche Design could create the Mikado ballpoint and mechanical pencil. When you turn the base to deploy the point you'll see these perfectly engineered rods flex and change direction. It is really…  read more
Porsche Design Mikado
Ballpoint $375  Best Price $300
Pencil $3675  Best Price $300
Porsche Design Solid
A Solid score
Take fountain pen writing to the limit with the new one-piece Porsche Design Solid. A large block of solid titanium is perfectly milled to form the barrel. A rhodium plated 18k gold nib lays down the ink with a fine, medium or broad nib. A new hidden mechanism inside the barrel lets you customize your filling experience with either your favorite bottled ink or two sizes of ink…  read more
Porsche Design Solid
Fountain Pen $1375  Best Price $1100
Porsche Design Laser Flex
A fresh breath
The new Laser Flex ballpoint from Porsche Design is a stainless steel, precisely engineered, unique writing instrument. Never before have laser cuts been performed so intricately on a writing instrument. You will be mesmerized as you depress the pen top to make the pen point appear, and then press again to store the point away. The perfect cuts in a dovetail design seem to breathe life into the pen and put it back to sleep. A discrete…  read more
Porsche Design Laser Flex
Ballpoint $655  Best Price $524
Porsche Design TecFlex Black
TecFlex of a different color
The initial Porsche Design pen collection now comes in black. A rigorous coat of black has been added to the fine stainless steel threads and trim. The fountain pen, rollerball, ballpoint…  read more
Porsche Design TecFlex Black
Fount. Pen $1075  Best Price $859
Rollerball $455  Best Price $364
Ballpoint $325  Best Price $259
Pencil $345  Best Price $276
Porsche Design Shake
Function equals form
"If you analyze the function of an object, its form often becomes obvious." Porsche Design has taken the words of Ferdinand Alexander Porsche to heart with the Shake ballpoint. This high-tech, pocket pen has the coolest point deployment we've ever seen. A short, quick flick of the wrist… read more
Porsche Design Shake
Ballpoint $150-$250  Best Price $120-$200
Porsche Design TecFlex
Endurance and design
Two features that directly translate from automobiles to writing instruments. Porsche Design's TecFlex collection makes that translation perfectly clear. The exterior of the fountain pen… read more
Porsche Design TecFlex
Fount. Pen $650-$775  Best Price $520-$620
Rollerball $435-$545  Best Price $349-$439
Ballpoint $335-$415  Best Price $268-$332
Pencil $335-$415  Best Price $268-$332
Porsche Design Aero
Principles of speed
Racers now understand that aerodynamics can be as important as horsepower when it comes to speed. Porsche Design celebrates this principle with the Aero twist-top ballpoint and mechanical pencil. Constructed of lightweight aluminum… read more
Porsche Design Aero
Ballpoint $195  Best Price $156
Pencil $195  Best Price $156
Porsche Design Pen Case
Calfskin comfort
Slide any two fine writing instruments into the comfortable calfskin of this two-piece Porsche Design leather pen case. Black and hard on the outside, creamy and soft on the inside. You'll want to crawl inside there yourself.
Porsche Design Pen Case
2 Pen Case $195


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