Refills for Porsche Design

Porsche Design Pen Refills
Refills for your Porsche Design pen
Some of the finest ink technologies are available for your Porsche Design pen. Pelikan has been revolutionizing fountain pen inks for well over a century. Bottled ink enthusiasts should try the new Pelikan Edelstein inks in seven vibrant colors. Pelikan also offers 1-1/2" or 2-7/8" large capacity ink cartridges to fit any Porsche Design fountain pen. If you have chosen a Porsche Design rollerball, you have opened yourself to a world of color, ink and point choices, offered by numerous manufacturers. The same goes for your Porsche Design ballpoint, with up to ten colors, three ink technologies and three manufacturers. Be sure to look at the mini ballpoint refills for your Porsche Design Shake. .7mm lead will fit your Porsche Design mechanical pencil and three different eraser refills are available to fit your particular pencil model.