Refills for Retro 1951

Retro 1951 Logo Love your Tornado? Then you will love the assortment of refills that fit in your Tornado rollerball and enable you to customize the way it writes.  Have a Harley-Davidson  pen? You can refill those with a wealth of options too. Hexomatic pens and pencils, we got supplies for those; as well as any Retro pencils, multi-pens or desk sets. If you know exactly what you would like, just go to the appropriate window below and load up your cart. If you're not sure, read on.

Retro 1951 Tornado rollerball pens can use a capless rollerball refill, just like the pen had when originally purchased. The Schmidt P8126 refill, Our Item R4612, fits perfectly and writes just like the original Retro refill. You can also refill your Tornado rollerball with any Parker-style ballpoint refill in three ink types, pressurized or not, and ten different colors, all from a large range of manufacturers.  Select from standard ballpoint ink, liquid ink or gel ink. You can choose from fine, medium or broad points.

Harley-Davidson and Hexomatic ballpoints also fit these useful Parker-style ballpoint refills.

Your Retro 1951 mechanical pencil should fit the stout 1.15mm lead. We have replacement lead and erasers for the current pencil models. Your Hexomatic pencil fits .7mm lead and the small eraser. Both are offered.

Retro 1951 fountain pens fit any brand of standard international-sized ink cartridges. Colorado Pen and Pelikan offer a wide range of ink colors in these cartridges. You may opt to use the ink converter that came with your Retro 1951 fountain pen. Then you can choose from any brand of bottled ink, including the huge Colorado Pen bottle, specially formulated to clean as you write.

For Retro Elite Tornado ballpoints and the pen that came with your Traveler organizer, use a Monteverde mini ballpoint refill. We also offer note pad replacements for your Traveler.

If you need a refill for your Retro 1951 Desk Set, we have replacements for all the versions. You may want to call as there are three different refills that might work.

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