Rollerball Refills for Retro 1951

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Rollerball or ballpoint?
One of the benefits of the Retro 1951 rollerball pens is that they are made to accept a Parker Style ballpoint shape as well as a rollerball. We have a tremendous selection of ink technologies and colors in the Parker Style ballpoint refill.

So feel free to choose any color or ink type from the selection below with confidence.

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Schmidt Capless Rollerball Refill P8126 Fine Point Item #: R4612
$5.00 more details »

Schmidt Easy Flow 9000 Ballpoint Refill Medium Point Item #: B4652
$5.00 more details »

Schmidt 900 Standard Ballpoint Refill Item #: B4617
$5.00 more details »

Monteverde Item #: B4641
$5.00 more details »

Monteverde Item #: B4630
$4.00 more details »

Parker Gel Ballpoint Refill 2 Pack Item #: B4107
$6.00 more details »

Parker Standard Ballpoint Refill Item #: B4106
$6.00 more details »

Visconti Gel Ballpoint Refill Item #: B4201
$7.00 more details »

Visconti Ballpoint Refill Item #: B4202
$5.00 more details »