Sheaffer Pens

Sheaffer 300
New finishes for the Sheaffer 300
We are proud to again present the classic Sheaffer 300 series, this time in three brand new finishes: brushed chrome with gold toned trim; glossy blue and metallic grey, both with chrome trim. These popular cigar-shaped fountain pens, rollerballs, and twist ballpoints are well-balanced and comfortable in the hand. This series is the perfect opportunity to mix and match for a… read more
Sheaffer 300
Fountain Pen $80
Rollerball $65
Ballpoint $55
Sheaffer 100 Patterns
Endless options
The new Patterns collection from Sheaffer incorporates a whimsical design reminiscent of the 60s. Patterns is offered as a Sheaffer 100 fountain pen, rollerball or ballpoint in blue, purple and red. The pink model is available in ballpoint only. This fun pattern is silk-screened on a bright lacquer finish and trimmed in nickel. Go crazy and mix it up with a set of your favorite writing modes in different colors or a set of all the same colors. The options seem endless. Add… read more
Sheaffer 100 Patterns
Fountain Pen $45
Rollerball $40
Ballpoint $30
Sheaffer Prelude
Just the start
Perhaps the first fountain pen you will try. Maybe the initial inspiration you need to tackle a new project. Possibly a motivational gift to launch a college freshman. The new Sheaffer Prelude collection is a perfect start to many great thoughts. The shiny black onyx lacquer barrel is paired with a bright palladium cap that has very subtle lines. A new matte black cap and barrel model is also available. Both options come in fountain pen, rollerball and … read more
Sheaffer Prelude Black
Fountain Pen $105-$140
Rollerball $90-$115
Ballpoint $85-$95
Sheaffer Taranis
Roar of thunder
As late afternoon thunderstorms roll, summer is the perfect time to introduce the Sheaffer Taranis collection. Named for the Celtic god of thunder and designed by innovative California architect Charles Debbas, this fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint series embodies power and style. The Debbas touch is evident from the tip of the point to the top of the cap. A unique metal and resin grip perfectly … read more
Sheaffer Taranis
Fountain Pen $125-$160
Rollerball $115-$150
Ballpoint $100-$135
Sheaffer Prelude Signature
A perfect companion
A new Sheaffer Prelude Signature will richly complement your grandfather's heirloom pen. The unique palladium model features an engraved imperial pattern enhanced by black resin to showcase the intricate detailing. A contemporary… read more
Sheaffer Prelude signature
Fountain Pen $195-$275  Best Price $117-$165
Rollerball $175-$250  Best Price $105-$150
Ballpoint $165-$240  Best Price $99-$144