Sheaffer Pens

Sheaffer Prelude Palladium
A perfect companion
A Sheaffer Prelude Palladium pen will richly complement your grandfather's heirloom pen. This unique palladium and black lacquer model features a rolled line pattern on the palladium cap. The Prelude Palladium fountain pens, rollerballs and ballpoints have 22k gold plated trim. All fountain pens have fine, medium or broad… read more
Sheaffer Prelude Palladium
Fountain Pen $145 Best Price $116
Rollerball $105 Best Price $84
Ballpoint $95 Best Price $76
Sheaffer Prelude Lacquer
Just the start
Perhaps it is the first fountain pen you will try. Maybe a rollerball is the initial inspiration you need to tackle a new project. The ballpoint may be the perfect good-luck gift for a college freshman. We welcome back the Sheaffer Prelude collection in new lacquer finishes. Select a new glossy black lacquer pen, accented with popular gunmetal… read more
Sheaffer Prelude Lacquer
Fountain Pen $80 Best Price $64
Rollerball $70 Best Price $56
Ballpoint $65 Best Price $52

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