S.T. Dupont Defi

ST Dupont Defi
Precision crafted
Like a fighter jet, the Defi is responsive, precise and highperforming. Its innovative construction combines a high-precision injected metal body (similar to the concept of an airframe) finished in palladium with dark, gleaming black resin or the just released new grille design. Or, combine the rare materials of carbon fibre and palladium to create your own razor sharp ideal weight writer. Either way you 'equip' it, Defi has perfect ergonomics thanks to its slender clean lines. The new streamlined steel nib blends seamlessly into this distinguished design. Each instrument is hand assembled in Faverges, France by a master craftsperson and marked with a unique number on the edge of the clip. The Defi Black Resin is available in a Multi-Pen consisting of ballpoint and .7mm pencil.

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