Visconti Michelangelo

Visconti Michelangelo
Another Italian Master
The popular Michelangelo fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint comes in regal navy with rose gold trim or the Back to Black, black resin with black chrome trim. This Michelangelo features an 18-sided geometry to recognize the date of the Master's passing, 18 February, 1564. This brilliant 'sculpted' design feels nearly round but not quite. The central band displays the artist's name and a Renaissance era frieze. Fountain pens feature a 23k palladium nib in fine, medium or broad point and refill with the included converter and your bottled ink or order ink cartridges if you prefer. Rollerballs use standard refills offered by many manufacturers and twist-top ballpoints utilize any Parker-style refill.

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Visconti Michelangelo Back to Black Fountain Pen Item #: 14207BLKx
$299.00 more details »

Visconti Michelangelo Back to Black Rollerball Item #: 24207x
$269.00 more details »

Visconti Michelangelo Back to Black Ballpoint Item #: 34207x
$249.00 more details »

Visconti Michelangelo Navy Fountain Pen Item #: 14205NAVx
$450.00 more details »

Visconti Michelangelo Rollerball Navy Item #: 24205 NAVx
$269.00 more details »

Visconti Michelangelo Ballpoint Navy Item #: 34205 NAVYx
$249.00 more details »


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