Visconti Pens

Visconti Wall Street
Special savings on a milestone collection
Celluloid was developed in 1864 by the Hyatt brothers. Over a century later, Visconti artisans became known around the world for their expertise with celluloid in pen design. The Visconti Wall Street "stacking" design was… read more
Visconti Wall Street
Fountain Pen $695  Best Price $451
Rollerball $450  Best Price $292
Ballpoint $395  Best Price $256
Visconti Accessories
Zip'um up
Don't travel without protection for your most valuable writers. Insure your writing instruments get the protection they deserve with these zippered pen cases from Visconti. Choose from one, two, three, six or… read more
Visconti Accessories
Pen Cases $75 - $160
Inkwell $70
Visconti Carbon Dream
To clarify
In 1930 Battista Pinin-Farina established the world-famous design house of Pininfarina. Notably, more than 100 Ferrari cars have been designed by Pininfarina. In 1986, the third generation of the Pininfarina family created Pininfarina Extra to extend the design capabilities of the company outside the automotive sector. Over the past 25 years almost 500 projects have been developed by this design house. Pininfarina Extra attempts to blend the most advanced features… read more
Visconti Limited Edition
Carbon Graphite
Fountain Pen $1895
Rollerball $1695
Visconti van Gogh
A stroke of genius
Visconti lets you lose yourself in the colors and brushstrokes of Vincent van Gogh. Enchanted by the local landscape and light in Arles, van Gogh painted The Sunflowers and Room in Arles. Deep, dark moods inspired Starry Night. Each of these resin pens…read more
Visconti van Gogh
Fountain Pen $289
Eco Roller $269
Rollerball $259
Ballpoint $225
Visconti Declaration of Independence
"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men…"
Patriots and historians recognize this famous phrase from the United States Declaration of Independence. Visconti of Florence, Italy has chosen to memorialize this worldwide iconic symbol of freedom with a limited edition fountain pen and… read more
Visconti Declaration of Independence
Fountain Pen $2950
Rollerball $2850
Visconti Michelangelo
Two Italian masters
Visconti pays tribute to the Master; Michelangelo. This pen's unique 18 sided geometry honors Michelangelo's date of passing, 18 February, 1564. This brilliant 'sculpted' design feels nearly round but not quite. It's an interesting concept. The unique barrel…read more
Visconti Michelangelo
Fountain Pen $395
Eco Roller $295
Rollerball $295
Ballpoint $245
Visconti Homo Sapiens
Conceived in Florence
As over the top as the design and materials sound the most unique feature is the 23 carat palladium DREAMTOUCH™ nib. A nib that requires  no pressure whatsoever in order to write. It literally traces in a gentle fashion the thoughts…read more
Visconti Homo Sapiens
Fountain Pen $695
Rollerball $435
Ballpoint $350
Pencil $375
Visconti Rembrandt
From a master to you
Visconti, once again, finds design inspiration from fine art. The Rembrandt range uses a central design theme dating from the  Renaissance period known as chiaroscuro; the playful contrast of light and dark. Chiaroscuro, as applied…read more
Visconti Rembrandt
Fountain Pen $165
Eco Roller $160
Rollerball $160
Ballpoint $155