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Waterford Marquis Claria Catalina Ballpoint
A 60% savings!
We are able to offer this stunning Waterford Marquis Claria Catalina ballpoint pen at 60% off the manufacturer's suggested retail price. Fill your cart and checkoff most of your gift list for the holiday. Great for co-workers, relatives and last-minute, unexpected gift-giving. The Claria Catalina features a unique blue lacquer which reminds us of the soft rolling Pacific waves off the shores of…  read more
Waterford Marquis Claria Catalina Ballpoint
Ballpoint $46  Best Price $23
Waterford Marquis Metro Stealth
New finish, same great value
A new matte black body with black chrome trim has been added to the remarkable Waterford Marquis Metro collection. The two-piece rollerball and twist-top, one-piece ballpoint have been recognized as one of the greatest values in fine writing instruments. These new all black models are no exception. Each pen arrives in a stunning black, lacquer case. Quite an impressive…  read more
Waterford Marquis Metro Stealth
Rollerball $60
Ballpoint $55
Waterford Marquis Claria Pen and Pencil Set
And the winner is
Give this amazing Claria pen and pencil set from Marquis by Waterford. The Claria collection has been long-lived for a very good reason – it is a preferred by Waterford customers. Waterford has selected blue or gunmetal lacquer for this ballpoint and pencil set because they are customer favorites. The lacquer an excellent finish for engraving and ballpoints refill with an assortment of ink types and colors. The pencil is .5mm lead. We are able to offer this…  read more
Waterford Marquis Claria
Pen and Pencil Set$95  Best Price $57
Waterford Pallas Marsala
Very refined
The new Burgundy Waterford Pallas collection features rich, burled resin and fine silver colored chrome trim. The Pallas Marsala burgundy was inspired by the 2015 Pantone Color of the Year. Seems like it belongs in the board room or on a deep brown walnut desk. The Waterford star adorns the top. So lovely, so refined. The fountain pen… read more
Waterford Pallas Marsala
Fountain Pen $140
Rollerball $110
Ballpoint $100
Waterford Celestial
Get away
Each time you take a Waterford Celestial pen in hand, you are transported to deep darkness, far away from city lights. The finish on the fountain pen, rollerball or ballpoint reminds one of stepping outside the tent at 2:00 am and gasping at stars. Based upon the popular Waterford Crystal Evolution Celestial pieces, bright flecks of gold, blue and cream replicate the skies of rural Ireland in… read more
Waterford Celestial
Fountain Pen $165
Rollerball $140
Ballpoint $125
Waterford Beaumont
So subtle
The new Beaumont Collection from Waterford has a very subtle reference to this iconic crystal pattern. Only trained eyes may notice it. At the base of the gold-toned top, below the Waterford name, is a refined circle of this popular crystal design. The overall look of this tortoise and gold color pen is so striking the pattern fits right in. The steampunk-style rounded top and articulated clip also… read more
Waterford Beaumont
Fountain Pen $145  Best Price $115
Rollerball $115  Best Price $91
Ballpoint $100  Best Price $79
Waterford Marquis Versa
Just a bit
Marquis by Waterford introduces the boldest, brightest colors we have even seen on writing instruments. These new Versa colors of blue, red, purple and green never get lost on a cluttered desk. Each rollerball or click-top ballpoint is trimmed in shining chrome to further enhance the color. Be a bit daring, be a… read more
Waterford Marquis Versa
Rollerball $55
Ballpoint $45
Waterford Metro
Corporate gifting
In this day and age, fine writing instruments perfectly fit the parameters for corporate gifting. Politically correct, respectful and affordable. Time-honored craftsmanship and the Marquis designation assure… read more
Waterford Marquis Metro
Rollerball $55
Ballpoint $55
Pencil $55
Waterford Diama
Platinum jewels
The new Diama collection from Waterford features a platinum plated rollerball and twist ballpoint. The bodies are covered in elegant diamond cuts with the world-famous Waterford star etched on top. Diama rollerballs feature a quick, snap closure for the cap…  read more
Waterford Diama
Rollerball $195  Best Price $156
Ballpoint $175  Best Price $140
Waterford Celebration
Worthy of Celebration
This famous Waterford writing instrument celebrates those special moments in one's life: weddings, graduation or that very special promotion. The Celebration's significance is displayed by its star-cut Waterford crystal… read more
Waterford Celebration
Fountain Pen $325  Best Price $259
Rollerball $255  Best Price $199
Ballpoint $200  Best Price $159
Waterford Kilbarry Edge
Classic Kilbarry gets an Edge
Rarely does a pen come along which is, in our opinion, essentially perfect. The weight of the Kilbarry Edge is ideal; heavy enough but certainly not excessive. The appointments are pressed from aluminum… read more
Kilbarry Edge
Fountain Pen $170  Best Price $135
Rollerball $160  Best Price $129
Ballpoint $140  Best Price $115
Waterford Lismore
Vessels for your writing
The Waterford tradition of hand-cut crystal comes to fine writing instruments. Lismore is crafted of solid brass and finished with platinum. The unique design incorporates the turrets and battlements of Lismore Castle which are delicately… read more
Waterford Lismore
Fountain Pen $450  Best Price $359
Rollerball $300  Best Price $239
Ballpoint $250  Best Price $199

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