Waterman Pens

Waterman Expert
Twenty years strong
The Waterman Expert collection has evolved and grown over these last two decades. Subtle changes include small flourishes and large finishes. Handsome lacquer covers Expert fountain pens, rollerballs and ballpoints in classic black with either palladium or gold trim. Fountain pens feature a medium point, steel nib…read more
Waterman Expert Lacquer
Fountain Pen $168
Rollerball $147
Ballpoint $132
Waterman Expert
Slim and professional
The slim size of the Waterman Hemisphere is what brings customers back year after year. The NEW Blue Obsession lacquer finish has been added to elegant black or optic white lacquer choices. Black models are trimmed in gold or palladium; all others are offered in palladium trim only. Hemisphere is the right fit. Whether you choose…read more
Waterman Hemisphere
Fountain Pen $105  Best Price $89
Rollerball $95  Best Price $81
Ballpoint $84  Best Price $68
Waterman Expert
Gentle evolution
Our customers frequently call us to replace a valued Waterman Expert they have mistakenly loaned and now is lost. Gentle changes have been made to this favorite line since its 1992 inception. A transition from resin to handsome, lacquered finishes; a new slant to the Waterman cap button; and the fountain pen nib received new flourishes. As times changed…read more
Waterman Expert Metallic
Fountain Pen $168  Best Price $143
Rollerball $147  Best Price $125
Ballpoint $132  Best Price $112
Waterman Carene Contemporary
Instant admiration
An intriguing crisscross design brings the Carene to a new level. The gunmetal finish magnetically applied to the Waterman Contemporary enhances the fluidity of the Carene design. Fountain pens, rollerballs and ballpoints are offered in either all gunmetal or gunmetal and lacquer. A new Blue Obsession lacquer and gunmetal model is now available too. Precisely lay down … read more
Waterman Carene Contemporary
Fountain Pen $342-$399  Best Price $291-$339
Rollerball $263-$315  Best Price $224-$268
Ballpoint $236-$289  Best Price $201-$246
Waterman Carene Essential
Never ostentatious
Waterman Carene refines its classic theme of water and waves into a striking new black lacquer finish with gold plated trim named Essential. The Carene Essential features the 'crafted wave' chiseling on the cap. In addition, there is the new interpretation of Waterman engraved on the central cap and a new 18k gold nib. Handmade in… read more
Waterman Carene Essential
Fountain Pen $342  Best Price $291
Rollerball $263  Best Price $224
Ballpoint $236  Best Price $201
Waterman Carene Lacquer
Sail with the wind behind your words
Waterman has christened its most contemporary writing instrument "Carene" which literally means "hull of the ship". Every flowing line celebrates the shipbuilder's art. Fountain pens with a fine or medium 18k gold inlaid nib contoured into the streamlined barrel. Rollerballs and ballpoints with a bold clip curved like a billowing wave. Included in many finishes already available is the NEW Blue Obsession lacquer… read more
Waterman Carene Lacquer
Fountain Pen $289  Best Price $246
Rollerball $205  Best Price $174
Ballpoint $174  Best Price $148
Waterman Perspective
From a new Perspective
Inspired by modern architecture, Perspective captures the urban intensity found in skyscrapers which defy the sky: daring structures of steel and glass. This visual perfectly illustrates the inspiration behind Perspective. Select a black, white or new Blue Obsession lacquered finish. Gold trims the black and silver trims the blue and white. The fountain pen sports…read more
Waterman Perspective
Fountain Pen $174  Best Price $148
Rollerball $158  Best Price $134
Ballpoint $147  Best Price $125

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