Engraving and Gift Wrap Options

$12 for the 1st line - $3 for the 2nd

An indelible personal message or corporate identity?

Every day we engrave pens in quantities from one to hundreds for our customers. The most prominent corporate names from around the world trust us with their branding image. Twenty pens for your Board of Directors? In three days? No problem. Unlike most sellers we have no setup charge. In fact, we often charge very little for your individually tailored corporate logo to be engraved. We ship your engraved order via standard delivery Free to one U.S. address.

We’ll Gift Wrap and include a Crane Paper card $8

Choose our in-house Gift Wrapping service and we’ll individually wrap and address your gifts. Express a heartfelt message or jot a quick note. We’ll include your message on a Crane Gift Card.

What’s your personal style?

Over the past decade we have engraved more than 100,000 pens for our customers and corporate America. Give us a try. Let us know your budget and deadline. We’ll suggest a few opportunities to enhance your branding image or personal message. Below are the four most common choices for engraving. Some folks like to make a bold statement and choose all capital letters. Those looking for a softer touch choose script. Proper names are engraved with an initial capital letter like ‘Ben Davis’. And finally, we also offer a signature engraving. Simply supply us with a digital scan of your signature and we’ll convert your mark onto your pen. Call if you need more information or just contact us at engravingart@coloradopen.com

Which pens engrave well and why?

Engraving involves cutting into the surface of the pen and beyond. Most pens are made from solid bars of natural materials or resins, as well as both types of material applied over a brass or metal body. The best candidates of all our pens are those having a metal barrel. As the engraver cuts through the outer material it then hits the barrel and if brass, shows a golden engraving and if it’s metal, shows a silver engraving.

The advantage with the brass or metal barrel is that the engraving is permanent and will never change. The pens which do not have brass or metal barrels need a fill material applied which in some cases may need to be reapplied over the years.
All metal pens such as sterling silver or platinum will engrave with a 'tone on tone' look which many customers regard as quite understated. This type of engraving has no fill material used.

We perform all engravings the same day as ordered as long as the product is in stock.

Solid resin pens can also be engraved and filled. We commonly use gold, silver and white as a fill material. Most of these ‘fills’ will last forever. Rarely, it may need to be reapplied. We engrave these pens same day as ordered as long as the product is instock.

For large quantities (100 or more), or to perfectly display your corporate logo we also can apply your identity by printing your logo or words right onto the surface of the pen. This process usually requires at least 10 days from ordering until shipment.
Ready to order your engraving?
If you just want a standard engraving simply fill out the form when it’s presented during the selection process. Feel free to add any notes when you check out. If you have a question about a large quantity of engravings or you’d like us to review your corporate artwork, just contact us at engravingart@coloradopen.com

Top engraving picks based upon our sales and experience

Here’s a small list showing our best ‘engravers’. Each pen represents several color options. If you’re interested, give the pen a click and explore your other options.
Cross Tech3+ Multi-Pen $60
Fisher Bullet Space Pen $24–$60
Parker Ingenuity Classic $152
Parker Sonnet $81–$125
Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen $148–$299
Waterford Celebration $159–$259
Waterman Perspective $125–$148
Waterman Carene Lacquer $148–$246
Waterman Expert Lacquer $112–$143
Silver Barrel
Lamy Studio $68–$99
Retro 1951 Lacquer Tornado Rollerball $27
Tone on Tone
Aurora Ipsilon Sterling Quadra $156–$236
Aurora Ipsilon Chrome Top $79–$99
Lamy Al-Star Safari Aluminum $37–$47
Waterford Lismore $199–$359
Resin Filled
Delta Dolcevita $276–$476
Montegrappa Parola $150–$225
Visconti Rembrandt $155–$165