Independence Rolling Point

Independence Rolling Point

Magnetic personality

Place the pen's cap upon your desktop and begin to write with your new Independence two piece ballpoint. Immediately, you will notice the fluid motion which is aided by the pen's perfect balance. This balance in part comes from the precise location and thickness of the black matte grip. Cool to the touch and ever-lasting it falls comfortably to hand.

When you replace your cap you'll notice the strong gravitational pull of the rare earth magnets. By utilizing these ingenious magnets we were able to bypass the cutting of easy to wear out threads. Some have said the magnets are entertaining. We'd say functional. Just like the CNC machined clip cut from solid stainless steel designed to never break, or the 21st century scratch resistant finish we've applied.

Made here

The Independence Collection, our first, is a line of pens engineered and hand-crafted unlike anything else on the market. Explore the benefits we've designed into Independence and see for yourself what a value we've built. After you choose your pen, it will be packed into an eco-friendly package made of Colorado Beetle Kill Pine that doubles as your pen rest.

We invite you to join us in the creation of a legacy as we combine the oldest known human art with the mechanical advantages of modern society; a fine quality writing instrument that's Made Here.

The Independence Collection is offered in two models: a Twist-Top ballpoint, twist-action that offers quick and easy accessibility with the slightest turn of your wrist; or a Capped ballpoint with a convenient cap that snaps securely in place every time thanks to the magic of rare-earth magnets. So, what will it be. The choice really is as simple as answering a single question: Do you prefer to remove the cap from your pen with each use, or is twist-and-write more your style?

Both models have their advantages, but rest assured that whatever your preference, you won't limit your ink options. Both the Twist-Top and Capped ballpoint can accommodate the new and improved liquid ink or gel refills.


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2 Item(s)

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