Independence Twist-Top Ballpoint

Independence Twist-Top Ballpoint

You can have it all

What do you desire most in a one piece writing instrument? Perfect balance, a durable scratch resistant finish, a clip designed to never break; ever. Would you want a ballpoint which would have an endless refill opportunity for colors, point sizes and various ink technologies?

What makes for a ‘fine writing’ ballpoint pen?

The refill in your pen main is the main source of writing pleasure. To that end, we have engineered our ballpoint pen to take any one of three different technologies (GEL and Liquid ballpoints inks as well as a traditional rollerball) to allow you to choose exactly the line you want in the precise color and point size you desire. When in our checkout you will be asked to choose your favorite refill. Take your time as you have an amazing 29 choices. All of which will fit perfectly into your APC Independence twist-top action ballpoint pen.

Made here

The Independence Collection, our first, is a line of pens engineered and hand-crafted unlike anything else on the market. Explore the benefits we've designed into Independence and see for yourself what a value we've built. After you choose your pen, it will be packed into an eco-friendly package made of Colorado Beetle Kill Pine that doubles as your pen rest.

We invite you to join us in the creation of a legacy as we combine the oldest known human art with the mechanical advantages of modern society; a fine quality writing instrument that's Made Here.

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