Old and new traditions 

A.T. Cross was founded in 1845 and initially manufactured gold and silver casing for pencils.  In 1879, they produced the first stylographic pen, a forerunner to the modern ballpoint. The introduction of the slim Century Classic was a defining moment for Cross. Cross has moved on to bigger and better things, while keeping some favorites. Take a close look at their oldest and newest collections. 

  • Cross Botanica

    Boldly original. Brilliantly floral. Ballpoint performance.

    Inspired by the beautiful floral patterns used in henna designs, Botanica is sure to captivate. Eye-catching colors are used to artfully illustrate three lush floral designs on pearlescent ivory lacquer. Tendrils of deep-etched metallic highlights bring the layers together, creating an element of depth and dimension. Like nature itself, Botanica is at once elegant, whimsical and boldly original.

  • Cross Special Edition Year of the Dog

    Good fortune ahead

    This Cross Year of the Dog Special Edition collectible is hand-crafted from the finest materials to honor the Year of the Dog. It features deep-etched engraving with 23kt gold inlays. It is impressively crowned with a brilliant red Swarovski® crystal. Those born under the eleventh sign of the Chinese Zodiac are known to possess the best traits in human nature – they are loyal, authentic, warm, affable, brave, and big-hearted. This exquisite writing instrument honors these unique individuals and symbolizes good fortune ahead.

  • Cross X Series

    Live large with the bold new Cross X Series, the pen that tells the world you mean business. This capless Gel ink rollerball pen comes in a variety of modern finishes, and features a powerful wide stance with strong lines and the iconic Cross conical top. It springs into action on demand via a dynamic patented snap-open, snap-shut slide writing mechanism that extends the pen when you’re ready to put ideas to paper.

  • Cross Reading Glasses

    Change Your Point of View

    Born from extensive market and trend research, these Cross reading glasses are as smart as they are stylish. Cross developed this next generation collection with an eye to the latest trends in frame design. The collection features flattering looks crafted from durable lightweight polycarbonate for easy wear. They are scratch and shock tested for maximum durability.

    Mix of fresh and classic colors and finishes

    Scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses and frames

    Ultra-thin. Lightweight. Strength tested. Shock and scratch resistant.

    Enhanced aspheric lenses come in three popular diopters: 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0

    A simple case is included

  • Cross Century II

    Early holiday planning

    Whether you want an early present for yourself or you watch for bargains all year long, jump on these Cross Century II fountain pens, rollerballs and ballpoints. They're great for corporate gifting or under your own the tree. The well-known Cross Century Classic design has grown a little in girth and become a Century II. Covered in blue or black lacquer, they engrave beautifully. Cross stainless steel nibs continually amaze our customers – very, very smooth, they say. The Cross gel rollerball refills get high praise too, as well as ballpoint refills in a rainbow of colors.

  • Cross Peerless Fonderie 47

    Let's make a difference

    Public awareness drives successful world-wide campaigns that benefit humanitarian causes. Take a few moments to watch this video and you will see why this effort is so very important. Colorado Pen and A.T. Cross join Peter Thum and Fonderie 47 in this task, to remove assault rifles from the hands of the untrained in Africa. Colorado Pen will in addition, donate $25 for each and every Cross Peerless Fonderie 47 rollerball pen that we sell. Your purchase serves as a daily reminder that we can do something demonstrable to stop the carnage.

  • Cross Special Edition Year of the Rooster


    Sleep too long and the newest A.T. Cross Chinese Zodiac pens will be sold out. But if you were born in this year of the Rooster, you are apt to be punctual. These Townsend fountain pens, rollerballs and ballpoints are covered in layers of rich, glossy, red lacquer; then topped with a red Swarovski crystal. Each pen is covered in detailed etchings of these reliable birds; the only fowl symbol in the Chinese Zodiac. Trimmed with 23k gold plated appointments, each special edition Year of the Rooster arrives in a luxury gift box, along with a booklet explaining the nuances of this significant moment in time.

  • Cross Tech3+ Multi-Pen

    A new coat

    Stave off winter's chill with these new finishes on the Cross Tech 3+ multi-pen. Feel the luxury of 23k gold or platinum plated with a lined Precious Metal Tech 3+. Enjoy the intricate herringbone pattern etched on the red or frosty steel lacquer version. Or opt for satin black lacquer which engraves beautifully. All these options contain two hardworking ballpoints and a .5mm pencil. This is all bundled up with the Tech 3+ stylus on top, an extra useful tool for most capacitive touchscreen devices.

  • Cross Townsend

    Graceful lines straight out of the 30's 

    These new Cross Townsends are covered in gleaming metals, but still boast the graceful lines of the original 1930s Art Deco design. A stunning statement when taken in hand and noticeable to all those around you. The 10K models are covered in rolled gold with 23k gold appointments. The less expensive Medalist features highly polished chrome trimmed in 23k gold. Both have a incised line pattern on the barrel and cap. Select your favorite finish in either fountain pen, rollerball or ballpoint. Perhaps create a treasured set that will be prized forever?

  • Cross Walnut Double Desk Set

    The Cross deskset returns

    Cross brings back it's classic walnut desk set with a streamlined ballpoint pen and pencil that's always at hand. The .7mm pencil and classic ballpoint are trimmed in 10k gold. A stunning, yet useful addition to any desk. Order this distinctive gift with engraving available for the centered name plate.

  • Cross Ballpoints

    Most Cross ballpoint pens are a one-piece twist to deploy design. The desk set ballpoints are always ready to write with no mechanism to deploy the point. Fill your Cross ballpoint with the standard Cross refill available in black and blue ink with a fine, medium or broad point; available in red ink with a medium point. Enjoy a Monteverde option for Cross ballpoints that comes in 10 different colors.
  • Cross Fountain Pens

    A coveted name in writing instruments for many years, Cross offers a wide range of fountain pens to fit the most discriminating tastes. Cross fountain pens are sold with fine, medium or broad nibs. Some models are fitted with rhodium plated gold nibs and other feature stainless steel nibs. Cross fountain pens will accept only Cross ink cartridges or can be used with a Cross converter and bottled ink.
  • Cross Rollerballs

    Most Cross rollerball pens feature a separate cap and body design. Your Cross rollerball pen will accept a Cross rollerball refill or a specially designed Monteverde rollerball refill. Cross fiber tip refills will fit, as well as a special refill to convert your rollerball into a standard ballpoint. 
  • Cross Multi-Pens and Pencils

    The Cross Tech3 Multi-Pen offers the quick availability of two ballpoints and a 0.5mm pencil. Monteverde Liquid Mini ballpoint refills are available in over 10 different colors in medium points and the most popular colors are available in broad point as well. An added option is the pda stylus refill to replace one of the ballpoints.

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32 Item(s)

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