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  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art

    Functional art 

    Over the years, Colorado Pen has developed a significant offering of quality pens from The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Not only are these collections stunning, they are quality writing instruments which deliver a great value. A show piece with function. We encourage you to look at the various offerings and read the story behind these historic designs. 

  • Montegrappa

    An Italian jewel 

    Montegrappa, a profoundly Italian, jewel of a company, has been manufacturing fine writing implements in the same historic building on the banks of the River Brenta for over 100 years.  Each and every day they draw inspiration from the vistas right outside their windows.  Their special editions have honored prominent historic and contemporary figures and events throughout the world. 

  • Monteverde

    A newcomer? 

    In the pen industry, less than 50 years is a relatively short time. However, in those years Monteverde has managed to create a wealth of high quality and elegant writing instruments that are sold by the finest pen distributors throughout the world. Think of practical design, creative materials and a rainbow of colors. Then take a look at the incredible offerings from Monteverde, from their finest pens to their extraordinary range of refills. 

  • Padrino

    Fun and sensible 

    Our offerings from this value-oriented company will continue to grow.  The key chain pens are just fun for all. The multi-function pen is just the opposite, a workaholic.  Both are great values and we will be looking for more and more options from this up and coming pen manufacturer.  

  • Parafernalia

    In good hands 

    Noted Italian designers have clamored to collaborate with Parafernalia on innovative writing instrument designs since 1968.  Located in hub of Italian creativity, Milan, these creative artisans have produced jaw-dropping pens and pencils that have become silent status symbols in the hands of discerning writers around the globe. 

  • Parker

    Innovation AND tradition 

    Parker has continually introduced more innovative products than any other manufacturer over the last 130 years.  In 1889 the Lucky Curve ink feed was introduced. In 1931 Quink quick drying ink eliminated the need for blotting. In 1941 the most widely purchased fountain pen was the Parker 51. In the 19602 Parker put a ballpoint in every hand with its click-top Jotter.  Recently they introduced 5th General writing technology. Parker, a magical company that combines innovation and tradition. 

  • Pelikan

    With a “K” 

    Primarily an ink manufacturer at its inception in 1838 in Hanover, Germany, this brand exploded into the fountain pen industry in 1929. In the decades that followed, it became a preeminent manufacturer of the finest nibs and filling systems in the industry. Pelikan has become well-known for utilizing these features on a wide range of fountain pens, for novices and collectors alike, in a varied selection of pen sizes, colors and prices. 

  • Porsche Design

    Take the challenge

    “If you analyze the function of an object, its form often becomes obvious.” F. A. Porsche. The Porsche Design collections closely follow these same lofty principles. Each Porsche Design collection speaks to a certain aspect of the motoring world. Aeroquip, stainless steel, aluminum, carbon fibre, titanium, and certainly aerodynamics. Take the challenge; test drive a Porsche Design writer today.

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