In good hands 

Noted Italian designers have clamored to collaborate with Parafernalia on innovative writing instrument designs since 1968.  Located in hub of Italian creativity, Milan, these creative artisans have produced jaw-dropping pens and pencils that have become silent status symbols in the hands of discerning writers around the globe. 

  • Parafernalia Kabrio

    Grab it and go

    Customers love their capless rollerball refills so much they use them without a pen. Here's a totally functional cover for your favorite refill that comes in a rainbow of colors and deploys your point with a simple click. No moving parts. Just you, your favorite refill and your Kabrio from Parafernalia.

  • Parafernalia Lo Pas

    As unique as you

    The Lo Pas ballpoint collection is our newest offering from the world of Parafernalia. Each pen is comprised of six aluminum rods that are expertly anodized with colors to perfectly reflect every mood and feeling. Italian artisans hand-assemble over 30 separate pieces, including the rose gold plated trim. Customize the way your Lo Pas ballpoint writes by ordering a wide selection of refills, available in three point sizes, ink types and even MORE colors than this amazing pen.

  • Parafernalia Revolution

    Straight out of the 70s

    The Parafernalia Revolution ballpoint gets attention because nothing like it exists anywhere else. Based on the 1970s Pompidou Center in Paris, the structural beams are on the outside. The anodized aluminum tubes are then coated in all the colors of the 70s. The triangular shape feels just right in your hand and a quick click of the top brings out the ballpoint tip. Simple, yet revolutionary.

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18 Item(s)

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