Parker Duofold Limited Edition the Craft of Traveling

Parker Duofold Limited Edition the Craft of Traveling

To celebrate its 130 years of innovations and exceptional craftsmanship, Parker is launching the 2018 Duofold Limited Edition. This exciting Limited Edition of 1,300 pens pay tribute to its founder, George Safford Parker. The Duofold Limited Edition, the Craft of Traveling is a truly an exceptional pen that traces Parker’s travel around the world. 

George often began his journey by crossing the Atlantic to Europe and then moving continuously toward the far East. On his first trip in Paris in 1900, he discovers the wonders of the Exposition Universelle. His passion for travel took him from Egypt to South America. He traveled to China many times. The Orient fostered his imagination and creation. One trip gave birth to the Mandarin Yellow Duofold’s color, inspired from a vase George once found in Japan. 

Only 1,300 numbered pieces of the 2018 Duofold Limited Edition will be produced, as a testament to its 130th anniversary.

The pen’s nib is 18 karat solid gold. The jewel is a two carat Lapis lazuli. The brass body is lasered which leaves brilliant golden lines through the deep blue lacquer varnish. In total, the pen alone has 22 individual components all of which are hand assembled in the famed Nantes France, factory.

The bi-color gold nib features a compass referring to the science of navigation and the steamships George booked to travel the world. The pen ships in medium nib only but can be exchanged for an extra fine or fine directly with Parker Service.

The pattern shown on the cap is inspired by a diagram of the globe. The blue semi-precious stone at the top of the cap is a 2 carat Lapis Lazuli that evokes the colors of the ocean on which George has so frequently travelled. Each stone is hand selected and is unique. Circling the jewel is a lasered inscription ‘PARKER 130 YEARS AROUND THE WORLD’ in homage to George’s pioneer vision for world travel.

Of course, a fine instrument of this rarity needs a complementary gift box. This may be the most fabulous piece we’ve ever seen. Obviously inspired by vintage luggage, this luxurious gift box is finished with a Parker logo and even has a tag with GSP; George’s initials based on his hand writing. The inside of the lid shows a map highlighting cities around the world visited by Mr. Parker. There’s a Parker ink bottle and removable pen holder for your desktop.

Travel through time, cultures and geographies with Parker

For Parker aficionados this is a once in a life time ‘must buy’ Limited Edition. Please give us a call to personally discuss your interest. We’ve secured a portion of the total world-wide production of 1,300. This pen will be in high demand all around the world – for obvious reasons!

We have four Parker Duofold Limited Edition the ‘Craft of Traveling’ available. Regularly priced at $3,500 we’re offering each for $2,800.  PLUS, for a limited time, we are adding a $500 Colorado Pen Gift Certificate with each pen purchased.
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