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  • Regal

    Auspicious beginnings 

    Regal began manufacturing writing instruments in 1979 to address a niche missing in the pen industry at that time.  Beautiful pens at affordable prices for mass consumption.  Their product line has grown over the years and we hope to increase our offerings as the opportunities arise. 

  • Retro 1951

    Life is too short 

    … to carry an Ugly Pen! This Retro 1951 slogan perfectly expresses the philosophy of this successful company. Kitschy finishes, both hip and historic, on hardworking and durable writing instruments are the basis of Retro’s offerings. There are capless rollerballs, fountain pens and pencils in an array of designs. 

  • Rotring

    We’ve missed you, Rotring

    Technical drafters, artists, calligraphers and perfectionists in general, have all been asking: Where did Rotring go? Will Rotring ever be back? Where do I get Rotring refills? Well, Rotring has returned to the U.S. and in a big way. 

  • Schmidt

    Simple writing pleasure 

    Hermann and Wilhelm Schmidt founded this company to supply high-precision parts to the clock industry in the Black Forest of Germany.  In 1969, Rolf Schmidt took them in a technical direction, developing and supplying equipment for small tolerance manufacturing.  The pens, nibs and refills they have produced in the intervening years are utilized by many other pen manufacturers worldwide. All are offered here, directly from Schmidt. 

  • Sheaffer

    Mark of excellence 

    That small white dot on a Sheaffer pen clip has been their symbol of quality for over 100 years. Each collection bears this mark. If you check that Sheaffer fountain pen your grandfather gave you, it will have the white dot. Give the Sheaffer mark of excellence, to yourself or someone special in your life.

  • Sherpa

    Reach the summit 

    In 1953 Sherpa Tenzig Norgay assisted Sir Edmund Hillary in reaching the summit of Mount Everest. Norgay’s rugged versatility, adaptability and unique ability to acclimate to the harsh conditions are what led this duo to their pinnacle of success. Sherpa has set out to exemplify those same qualities with their unique pen shells.

  • Tombow

    It all began with pencils 

    In 1913, Tombow began making wood cased lead and colored pencils in Shinshiro, Japan.  Over the past four decades they have diversified into making rollerball pens and pencils with cutting-edge technology and materials.  If you know someone with a Tombow rollerball or mechanical pencil, they will tell you all about their devotion to their Tombow. Develop your own writing relationship.