Joy de vive 

Constantin Samard was a third-generation saddle maker before setting up a luggage shop in Vincennes, outside Paris, in 1930. His first successes were the waxed-cloth Cabas tote bag and beach bag. By 1960 the firm moved into suitcases for the first transatlantic fliers. In 1987 Constantin’s grandson, Stephan Armal and friend Leo Smaga, relaunched the company and expanded retail outlets and product lines to create RECIFE Paris.  Their bright and colorful writing instruments speak for themselves. 

  • Recife Amber Scribe

    Marble finishes rule

    The swirls of color from Recife are so popular, we have added them to our Recife Scribe rollerball offerings. The new finishes are trimmed in chrome and hold standard-sized rollerball refills. So once you have picked your favorite Scribe, add plenty of refills in three point sizes and a rainbow of colors. The unclipped cap is closed or posted with a snap.

  • Recife Retro Scribe

    So French Quarter

    Feel like you are strolling down Bourbon Street each time you take this new Recife Retro Scribe rollerball pen in hand. The ornate design over bright resin colors reminds one of intricate French Quarter wrought Iron. This decoration, as well as the trim, is chrome. Add a handful of refills in bright colors to match your festive mood. The unclipped cap is closed or posted with a snap.

  • Recife Riviera Scribe

    Colors galore

    There is a favorite for everyone. The new Riviera Scribe rollerballs come in a rainbow of colors, each created from renewable materials. Customize your Scribe by adding extra refills in even more color choices. The unclipped cap is closed or posted with a snap.

  • Recife Sputnik

    Satellite love

    The heart and soul of Paris can be felt each time you take a Recife Pearl Sputnik ballpoint in hand. Featuring marbled resin in spontaneous variations of color, each pen is one-of-a-kind. The uniquely shaped cap is closed or posted with a snap, but has no clip.

  • Recife Traveller

    No two alike

    Opt for these heavenly marbled finishes in purple, blue or gold. Every handmade pen is unique. Recife's stainless steel nib bears the intricate Recife logo, available in fine, medium and broad. Rollerballs refill with many color options. The cap is not designed to post.

27 Item(s)

27 Item(s)