For 130 years, faces have it up on first sight of the traditional blue Waterman gift box.  These pens are the favorites of many professionals, sparking instant notice whenever they are used. Subtle innovative changes are incorporated year after year to keep Waterman on the cutting edge of technology. Select a Waterman fountain pen, rollerball or ballpoint and keep YOUR edge.

  • Waterman Blue Obsession

    A brand new collection The peace and tranquility of the color blue has been connected to Waterman for 130 years. Waterman now brings this spirit to five models of their powerful writing instruments. The Waterman Blue Obsession collection features Carenes, Perspectives, Experts and Hemispheres in a popular blue finish. The color quickly brings thoughts of sunny days with light clouds in perpetual motion. Select from fountain pens, rollerballs and ballpoints with individual characteristics to meet your particular desires. All arrive in the historic blue on blue Waterman gift box, recognized worldwide for quality French workmanship.
  • Waterman Carene Lacquer

    Sail with the Wind Behind Your Words

    Waterman has christened its most contemporary writing instrument "Carene" which literally means "hull of the ship". Every flowing line celebrates the shipbuilder's art. Fountain pens with a fine or medium 18k gold inlaid nib contoured into the streamlined barrel. Rollerballs and ballpoints with a bold clip curved like a billowing wave. Included in many finishes already available is the NEW Blue Obsession lacquer. Refill with fountain pen cartridges and the included converter. Rollerballs and ballpoints hold refills from Waterman. Carene, a worthy vessel of self-expression.

  • Waterman Expert Lacquer

    Twenty years strong

    The Waterman Expert collection has evolved and grown over these last two decades. Subtle changes include small flourishes and large finishes. Handsome lacquer covers Expert fountain pens, rollerballs and ballpoints in classic black with either palladium or gold trim. Fountain pens feature a medium point, steel nib with pronounced Waterman markings. Refill your Expert fountain pen with Waterman ink cartridges in a vast array of colors or order a Waterman converter to load your own distinctive bottled ink. If your lifestyle better fits a Waterman Expert rollerball or twist ballpoint, ink is easily replaced with reliable Waterman refills.

  • Waterman Expert Metallic

    Gentle evolution

    Our customers frequently call us to replace a valued Waterman Expert they have mistakenly loaned and now is lost. Gentle changes have been made to this favorite line since its 1992 inception. A transition from resin to handsome, lacquered finishes; a new slant to the Waterman cap button; and the fountain pen nib received new flourishes. As times changed, finishes were added and dropped. Here are contemporary Waterman Expert Metallic finishes with gold or chrome trim.

  • Waterman Hemisphere

    Slim and professional

    The slim size of the Waterman Hemisphere is what brings customers back year after year. The NEW Blue Obsession lacquer finish has been added to elegant black or optic white lacquer choices. Black models are trimmed in gold or palladium; all others are offered in palladium trim only. Hemisphere is the right fit. Whether you choose a Hemisphere fountain pen, rollerball or ballpoint, the out-of-this-world value is evident. Fountain pens have a stainless steel nib in fine or medium point. The twist ballpoint deploys with a simple turn of the top. Or choose a smooth-writing rollerball and bring a Hemisphere to your writing world.

  • Waterman Hemisphere Privee

    A limited time only

    Waterman introduces a new, limited edition, Hemisphere collection, the Privée. Sensing a strong fashion trend toward metallic materials and finishes, Waterman has taken the slim Hemisphere design and combined it with shimmering colors and finely etched stainless steel caps. The result is fountain pens, rollerballs and ballpoints more like gems than fine pens. Until you put them to work and realize they are both. Select from a golden brown, rose copper or saphir nocturne, each color with its own etched pattern paying tribute to the Waterman French heritage and passion for the arts. If you love these new Hemispheres, order early and order plenty. They are only available for a limited time.

  • Waterman Perspective

    From a different Perspective

    Inspired by modern architecture, Perspective captures the urban intensity found in skyscrapers which defy the sky: daring structures of steel and glass. This visual perfectly illustrates the inspiration behind Perspective. Select a black, white or new Blue Obsession lacquered finish. Gold trims the black and silver trims the blue and white. The fountain pen sports a fine or medium point stainless steel nib. Purchase a converter for your bottled ink or plenty of ink cartridges in assorted colors. Rollerballs and ballpoints use genuine Waterman refills.

  • Waterman Ballpoint Pens

    Waterman ballpoint pens are a one-piece twist to deploy design. The Waterman ballpoint pen will accept a broad selection of ballpoint refill technologies: standard ballpoint ink, GEL ballpoint ink, and liquid ink ballpoint ink. Some of these ink choices come in as many as ten colors or offer broad, medium and fine points.
  • Waterman Fountain Pens

    Waterman fountain pens are available in their historic Carene collections, as well as their Expert, Perspective and Radiance models. All Waterman Carene fountain pens are sold in fine and medium nibs. Other Waterman fountain pen models offer a medium nib point. Waterman fountain pens feature both steel and gold nibs, depending on the model. All Waterman fountain pens will accept Waterman ink cartridges or can be used with a converter and bottled ink.
  • Waterman Rollerball Pens

    All Waterman rollerball pens feature a separate cap and body design. Your Waterman rollerball pen will fit a Waterman rollerball, fiber tip or special Waterman standard ballpoint refill, enabling your Waterman rollerball pen to instantly become a ballpoint. We also offer Monteverde rollerball refills, spring-loaded fineliners, standard fineliners, liquid ink and GEL ink refills. Certain Schmidt and Pelikan rollerball refills fit too. Some refills come in as many as ten color choices and fine or medium points.

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