Refill type

  • Ballpoint Refills

    Here you will see every ballpoint refill we carry. Make your choice carefully or if you'd like a 'hand', give us a call at 800.766.7367.

    In most cases, if you twist the top or click the top of your pen, it is a ballpoint and one of these options will fit. 99% of the time the numbers you see on your dry refill identify when the refill was made but not its stock number. You can scroll down to locate your brand of refill and identify one that looks the same, then view the length under "Specifications" and measure your old refill to confirm you've got the right fit.

    But don't stop there, be sure to look for other manufacturer's options that are the same size and configuration. You may have other ink and point size choices. For example, Parker-style ballpoint refills are offered in three ink types, three point sizes and ten different colors. Select from standard ballpoint ink, liquid ink or gel ink. 

  • Multi-Pen Refills

    If you have a pen that offers multiple ballpoint choices, you're at the right place for new refills. Most brands of multi-pens utilize the same mini ballpoint refill. It measures just a little over 2-1/2" long and is a straight tube with a very small point. Colorado Pen offers a wide range of colors in the Monteverde mini ballpoint refill. This Monteverde refill utilizes liquid ink, the lowest viscosity, for smoother writing. But always remember to retract your ballpoint before pocketing, as this ink will leach into fabric quite readily.

    Your multi-pen may also feature a pencil point. The correct lead is determined by diameter and most multi-pens use either .5mm or .7mm lead. If you're also shopping for eraser replacements, those are manufacturer specific and usually require your multi-pen brand to select the correct ones. To view pencil lead and eraser refill options, click on this link: Pencil Lead and Eraser Refills

    And for those who would find a pda stylus point useful, Colorado Pen even offers one of those. It can be installed in place of one of the ballpoint tips.

  • Fountain Pen Ink and Refills

    Make a selection from the three windows below: Ink Bottles, Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges or Converters. Most fountain pens utilize ink cartridges. If your pen is a piston fill model, it will refill only with bottled ink. If you would like to use bottled ink, but have only used ink cartridges in the past, then look at the Converters section to locate a fit for your brand of pen. Make your choice carefully or if you'd like a 'hand', give us a call at 800.766.7367.

    If you are shopping for ink cartridges and do not have a used cartridge for reference, look for your brand of pen in the list of cartridges. If you cannot locate your brand, many fountain pens have been designed to fit the international-sized ink cartridges. They are one and one-half inches long and fit in most barrels. They also have a uniform "neck" which fits in many fountain pens. We carry numerous brands, all of which contain the water-based liquid ink commonly used in fountain pens. Colors abound in either the Colorado Pen or Pelikan brand.

    If you are shopping for bottled ink, Colorado Pen carries premium Edelstein ink from Pelikan, our own exceptionally large bottles of Colorado Pen, Waterman or Pelikan standard ink. All of these are available in a wide range of colors.

  • Rollerball / Fineliner Refills

    On this page you'll find a quick and easy guide to all of the refills offered for your brand of pen and your specific writing mode. Please do not try to 'mix and match' to find a refill for your pen. If you are not sure of your brand or mode; just give us a quick call and we will find exactly what you do need: 800.766.7367

  • Pencil Lead and Eraser Refills

    When refilling your mechanical pencil, it is essential that you select the correct diameter of replacement lead. Most mechanical pencils use .5mm or .7mm lead. We have chosen a medium hardness for all the replacement lead we offer.

    If you are shopping for eraser replacements, these are very specific to the manufacturer. If one of our options looks similar to your old eraser, verify the size by looking at the specifications tab once you've clicked on the name. If you are not able to locate a replacement eraser for your pencil, you may want to consider the Tombow Zero Eraser Pencil. It's a very handy tool for those of us who make some mistakes. This separate eraser is also refillable.

  • Parker Style Ballpoint Refills

    Congratulations! You have a ballpoint pen that refills with one of the most versatile options. Here you will see every Parker-style ballpoint refill we carry. Make your choice carefully or if you'd like a 'hand', give us a call at 800.766.7367.

    Parker-style ballpoint refills are offered in three ink types, pressurized or not, and ten different colors, all from a large range of manufacturers. Select from standard ballpoint ink, liquid ink or gel ink. You can choose from fine, medium or broad points.

    Visit our Refill University if you would like a five minute education on pen refills, ink types and points. Customize your writing experience with all the Parker-style ballpoint refill options offered by Colorado Pen.

  • Standard International Ink Cartridges

    Standard international ink cartridges can be used with these brands:

    Bossert & Erhard
    Caran d'Ache
    Conway Stewart
    Faber Castell
    Jean Pierre Lepine
    Jorg Hysek
    Libelle New York
    Museum of Modern Art
    Retro 1951
    ST Dupont