Lamy Safari Rollerball Red

Item #: 22101RED
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Purpose with panache  

The Lamy Safari rollerball is the rugged, all-purpose tool needed in today's world. Whether your environment is business, school or home, pick up this stylish rollerball for all your writing needs. Available in blue, red, yellow, shiny black, matte charcoal or clear vista. Toss this in your shopping cart now.

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Lamy M63 Rollerball Refill

Item #: R2107
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Lamy M63 – check the number on your old rollerball refill  

If you have a Lamy rollerball pen, check the number on the old Lamy refill. If it says "M61" or "M62" or "M63", the Lamy M63 Rollerball Refill will suit your needs. The old "M61" and "M62" refills are no longer available and Lamy introduced the "M63" to take their places. Black, blue and red ink colors.
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