Montegrappa Limited Edition Invito a Rigoletto Rollerball Gold

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A new jewel  

From the handmade black and red glass "murrina" on top of the red cap, to the pocket clip and center ring all attention is on Rigoletto, the cursed court jester featured in Verdi's three act opera of the same name. Watch the inspiring Montegrappa video introduction of this limited edition Rigoletto rollerball pen. Enjoy the voice of Pavarotti as he sings "La donna e mobile". You will spend the rest of the day humming this aria which is performed by the Duke of Mantu in Rigoletto. Then let inspiration will flow from this intricately crafted jewel by Montegrappa's Italian artisans. Select the 18k gold trim (only 21 pieces to be offered) or the solid sterling silver trim (900 pieces to be offered). Refill options are featured below.

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Montegrappa Standard Rollerball Refill

Item #: R5810
Montegrappa is unable to supply Blue until 28 February
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Montegrappa international standard rollerball  

Confirm the shape (body shape, length and crown) match the illustration and dimensions. A ceramic point refill that does not dry out. Black and blue ink colors available.
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