Delta Dolcevita Pencil .9 mm

Item #: 44604
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The gift of the sweet life  

On its own or as part of a treasured gift set, the Delta Dolcevita mechanical pencil becomes artwork in the hand. Uses 0.9mm lead refills. Delivered in an elegant black velveteen gift box. Be sure to consider a Dolcevita fountain pen, rollerball or ballpoint for a gift set that is sure to impress.

Refills that fit your pen

Pencil Lead .9mm 12 Pack

Item #: P3255
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Common mechanical pencil lead measuring 0.9mm  

The Pencil Lead .9mm 12 Pack is a lead (graphite) to fit any type of mechanical pencil that calls for .9mm diameter refills. Package includes 12 pieces measuring 60mm in length.

Delta Eraser For .9 mm Dolcevita

Item #: P4614
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Replacement eraser for Delta Dolcevita 0.9mm mechanical pencil  

The Delta Eraser for .9mm Dolcevita is available individually and measures ½" long by ¼" across. Exclusively fits the .9mm Dolcevita Mechanical Pencil.

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