Pelikan Pura .7mm Pencil

Item #: 45440
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Alone or in a set – Pura satisfaction  

Alone or as a companion in an elegant set, Pelikan's Pura mechanical pencil is a standout in design and function. The twist mechanism in this pencil delivers the 0.7 mm lead. A matching fountain pen, rollerball or ballpoint in this distinctive aluminum and blue resin finish makes for a cherished gift set.

Refills that fit your pen

Pencil Lead .7mm 12 Pack

Item #: P3270
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Common mechanical pencil lead measuring 0.7mm  

The Pencil Lead .7mm 12 Pack is a lead (graphite) to fit any type of mechanical pencil that calls for .7mm diameter refills. Package includes 12 pieces measuring 60mm in length.

Pelikan Erasers Epoch 600 and 800 Series

Item #: P5408
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Replacement eraser Pelikan's 600 series and 800 series mechanical pencils  

The Pelikan Erasers Epoch, 600/800 Series is a package of five erasers that measure 7mm long by 4mm across. Exclusively fits the Pelikan Epoch Mechanical Pencil or the mechanical pencils in Pelikan's 600 Series and 800 Series.

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