Pelikan Souveran 400 Pencil .7mm

Pelikan Souveran 400 Pencil .7mm

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Makes you infallible – At least while you write  

Pelikan's Souveran 400 mechanical pencil relieves the worry of making a mistake. Make notations with your .7mm lead that appears with a quick click. Remove the black cover on the click-top, and you've got a replaceable eraser that can be removed to utilize the clearing pin. All the answers to those inevitable mistakes. Order today in green or blue with the Stresemann stripe top half, or classic all black.


  • Overall Size - 5 5/16 in. x 7/16 in. (135mm x 11mm)
  • Weight - 15 g
  • Composition - Composite resin body
  • Appointments - Golding plating
  • Engraving - The resin of this pen is engraved and then filled with a gold color to match the appointments. - Learn more about engraving

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Pencil Lead .7mm 12 Pack

Pencil Lead .7mm 12 Pack

Item #: P3270


  • Weight - 5 g
  • Lead hardness - HB

Common mechanical pencil lead measuring 0.7mm  

The Pencil Lead .7mm 12 Pack is a lead (graphite) to fit any type of mechanical pencil that calls for .7mm diameter refills. Package includes 12 pieces measuring 60mm in length.


Pelikan Erasers 200 and 400 Series

Pelikan Erasers 200 and 400 Series

Item #: P5407


  • Overall Size - 15/16 in. x 3/16 in. (25mm x 5mm)
  • Weight - 1 g

Replacement eraser Pelikan's 200 series and 400 series mechanical pencils  

The Pelikan Erasers 200/400 Series is one eraser that measures 24mm long by 4mm across. Exclusively fits the Pelikan 200 Series Mechanical Pencils and 400 Series Mechanical Pencils.