Visconti Gel Ballpoint Refill

Item #: B4201
Visconti cannot supply this refill at this time. Visconti cannot provide any date when they will be back in stock. As soon as Visconti can provide this refill it will be back for sale immediately. At this time, we do not expect to see this refill back in stock in the next several months.

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Capless gel for ballpoints  

The Visconti Gel Ballpoint Refills has pigments suspended in a water based gel. Bold colors and solid lines. Six ink colors available: black, blue, sepia, turoquise, green and red.

GEL INK REMINDER! - This refill is loaded with state of the art gel ink. It is designed to wick onto paper. If it comes in contact in anyway with cloth it will drain itself by design. WARNING!
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  • Black Medium Black Medium
    B4201BLK M
  • Out of Stock
  • Black  Broad Black Broad
    B4201BLK B
  • Out of Stock
  • Blue Medium Blue Medium
    B4201BLU M
  • Out of Stock
  • Blue  Broad Blue Broad
    B4201BLU B
  • Out of Stock
  • Sepia Fine Sepia Fine
    B4201SEP F
  • Out of Stock
  • Sepia Broad Sepia Broad
    B4201SEP B
  • Out of Stock
  • Turquoise Fine Turquoise Fine
    B4201TRQ F
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  • Turquoise Broad Turquoise Broad
    B4201TRQ B
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  • Green Medium Green Medium
    B4201GRN M
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  • Red Medium Red Medium
    B4201RED M
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  • Purple Medium Purple Medium
    B4201PUR M
  • Out of Stock