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Every 20th order 

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$498 Pineider Gemstone Fountain Pen

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4. The innovative leaders in the world of ink; Monteverde USA is proud to introduce the Gemstone Collection. This 10 bottle set of brilliant colors along with Monteverde’s Monza demonstrator fountain pen is a fun way to express your thoughts. Choose a new jewel tone shade on a mere whim. Each shade will add a layer of personal expression and value to your communication. The Gemstone shades are rich in color formulation and vibrant in appearance.

Colors included are Sapphire, Olivine, Topaz, Fireopal, Moonstone, Amethyst, Charoite, Erinite, Ruby and Garnet.

Save 20% on the Gemstone ink set and then choose a nib size for the complimentary blue Monza demonstrator.

Gemstone Ink Set $80 for $64

Monza Blue Demonstrator Fountain Pen $20 Free

Celebrate with us the collaboration between YAFA Company’s Monteverde USA brand and ColoradoPen.com

Established in 1978, Yafa, Inc.® is the world’s leading source for fine writing instruments. Its brands include Monteverde, Conklin, Marlen, Pineider, Stipula, Schmidt, Diplomat and Yookers.

Yafa founder Yair “Jerry” Greenberg says it best, “Right from the start, Yafa products have always stood for quality and value. All Monteverde and Conklin pens will now be platforms for innovative new ways of getting peoples’ ideas from pen to paper. This is thinking from the refill, to the outside of the pen, to the paper, and beyond. Yafa is creating new ideas from the inside out, and it is the future!” . Consequently, Monteverde, has become North America's largest single source for premium pen refills.

Yafa Pen Company® is the exclusive North American distributor for the prestigious Italian brands Stipula®, Pineider®, Parafernalia®, Yookers® and Marlen®, as well as the respected German brands, Schmidt and Diplomat®.

Colorado Pen launched in 1999 and has established a customer base of 25,000 writing enthusiast around the world. Through its close collaboration with Monteverde, Colorado Pen has become a single stop resource for pen refills of unrivaled quality. Technologies were first introduced by Monteverde and Colorado Pen such as broad based selections for liquid ink ballpoints and roller balls. Innovation was brought to market in fountain pen ink formulations. The ink ball writing technology was first introduced across a range of collections by Monteverde USA. So many great ideas from YAFA and Monteverde!

We’re proud of our collaboration with Monteverde and together we’re bringing you 20 Days of Celebration.